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The program will ask you to log in the molar composition of gas, which should not exceed 100% molar obviously, and then using the "Run" obtain values for a hypothetical gas of that composition molar.

the program will ask you to enter the molar % of components of gas which should not exceed 100%.

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Thanx anihita
Google Translator said:
SofThor - Software Development Inc.

The computer must be configured to use the decimal point for fractions, do not eat
to separate the fractions, otherwise the results will be random.
This program consists principally of four files, the same are:
1. Gas1.txt: A file containing the values of the mole fractions of the gas sample. It
updated, retain the last values of the gas being admitted.
2. Gas2.txt: The file that is stored physical values of the different chemical
components for a gas mixture. It is recommended not to enter or modify as Tonari
the program inoperable.
3. FactZ.exe: It is the principal executing program, the same as present.
4. Lista.txt: Generated by the program for future use and for the time useless.
5. To run the program must copy all these files in your directory and use
must necessarily be: C: \ Vb60 \ Factz (Note that the main program
FactZ.exe, always point to this directory).
To operate, start the program running the file FactZ.exe and the following screen
(Figure 1):
Write in the box "Please type the Key Word" the key word or password, the same has been
provided separately. If you entered the correct key, it disappears from the screen box
Figure 1
Write in the box "Please type the Key Word" the key word or password, it has been
provided separately. If you entered the correct key, it disappears from the screen box and can operate without problem; If not, request emails: fdiazm@ec-red.com
or fdiazmo@speedy.com.pe, the same that will be provided without cost or obligation.
After entering the keyword, press the Run button and the screen will get Figure 2, bear in mind
that if the sum of mole fractions is greater than 100, there is an obvious error regarding
molar composition of gas, so the alert program this possibility, but will continue to operate
Next on this screen you can see three clearly defined areas are:
1. Gas Composition. Area where we set the values of the molar percentage
gas sample will work, except for the last term, ie for water,
it is calculated by computer by far to 100. If the sum of
components is greater than 100 water box will take a negative value and returns to
a reddish color as a warning to the operator to check the values of the percentages of the sample
gas which obviously is not correct, however the program will continue running and
may give incorrect results or forwarded.
2. Gas Properties. The area where we get the values of the different properties
this particular sample of gas, then you press the button Run. They are:
Gross heat capacity in BTU/Pie3 or higher heat capacity in BTU/Pie3 Net
or lower molecular weight, specific gravity, temperature and critical pressure levels
Psia Rankine respectively (They are already corrected for the presence of H2S
and CO2 in the case of sour gas or mixture of acids).
Note that these two boxes have a yellow background, as a visual aid that
can be changed at will to calculate the gas deviation factor "z" (If
gas composition is unknown but we know the properties of the pseudo critical
gas sample pressure and temperature we enter in the "Data Input").
3. Data Input. In the first two sections are put on the pressure and temperature to which
For deviation factor Z, the default is put 1,000 psi and 100 degrees
Fahrenheit by pressing the Calculation would get the result for the Z factor to these
conditions for this case example would be 0.8760.
To enter this zone, necessarily must have made the calculation of
gas properties from the previous step because in this part of the program uses these
values (Run button).
It also gives the values of viscosity of both gas and temperature at 1 atmosphere requested
(100 F /) and applied new pressure (1000 psia) and at the same temperature, which in
case example will 0.0115 and 0.0134 respectively.
If you've followed the process correctly, you will have the results in the following Figure 3.
To finish and exit the program, press the End key thereby automatically exits
At this point, you are free to change either the values of pressure and
Critical temperature, (Locker yellow background) for the example suppose Tc = 360
F / and Pc = 700, charge these values and press the button Calculation and get the new value
z = 0.8819, which means that we can vary at will the critical values of temperature and pressure
and calculate the respective value of z, Ojo viscosity values do not change as these estimates
performed with the Run button, if you want the values of viscosity at the new values of P and T,
Run button should be pressed.
In these circumstances, it can vary at will the value of the pressure and temperature to which
want the value of the gas deviation factor Z, for example if we require this value to 2,100 psi and
Two hundred F /, they introduce them into their respective boxes by pressing the Calculation and
obtain a new value of z = 0.9043.
In this mode you can proceed to change the data as often as it sees fit. See chart
follows (Figure 4).
Furthermore, as a visual aid, you can obtain a graph of the curve of the Z factor for these
conditions of the gas mixture, ie the critical values at the same accessed by
Graph button and go back to the original screen with the Out button. It can be accessed at any
time, and the graph corresponds to the conditions contained in the time sectors: Gas
composition and Gas Properties. See graph Figure 5.
Minimum System Requirements:
1. Computer Pentium I or higher.
2. Operating system: Windows 98 or higher.
3. Space System Memory: 256KB.
4. Hard disk space, less than 500 KB.
5. Requires no printer or internet connection.
Any comments, input and suggestions are very welcome to email: @ ecred fdiazm.
com fdiazm@speedy.com.pe
Special recognition Pluspetrol Peru Corp. S. A. For their support
in the realization of this work.
Engineering Department of Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas University
National Engineering.
A MICROSOFT International support for the facilities and kindly disposed.
A COREL WordPerfectg, the suite with which this manual has been drafted.
A WinZip Computing Inc., licensed for noncommercial use of the Software
WinZip 8.1 SR-1.
1. "Gas Pipeline Hydraulics", Publisher Taylor & Francis, 2005 Edition by E. Menon Shashi.
2. "Natural Gas Reservoir Engineering, Krieger Publishing Publishing Company, Malabar Florida
1992. By Chi U. Ikoku.
3. "Programmer's Guide", Microsoft Visual Basic, Ver 4.0, Ed 1995, Microsoft Corporation.
4. "Applied Engineering Oilfield, TECNOS Editorial, Madrid, Ed 1968, by B.
C. Craft & M. F. Hawkins, Jr.
5. "Numerical Methods and Fortran Programming," Editorial Limusa, 1977, Mexico, by Daniel D.
And William S. McCraken Dorn.
July - 2009.
Lima - Peru.

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Program is not working under Window 7. Any suggestion

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Dear Washoo
It works on win 7, note that:
copy all files in C: \ Vb60 \ Factz

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The program will ask you to log in the molar composition of gas, which should not exceed 100% molar obviously, and then using the "Run" obtain values for a hypothetical gas of that composition molar.

the program will ask you to enter the molar % of components of gas which should not exceed 100%.

link is

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program not working

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Do you have the right key word? The program not working

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fdiazm@ec-red.com or fdiazmo@speedy.com

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