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Aeroengine-blade containment test ().
Aircraft taking off ().
Fabrication. ()
Police helicopter, Cambridge Airport. ()
Police helicopter, Cambridge Airport. ()
Police helicopter, Cambridge Airport. ()

Brazing using a laser as the heat source. ()Bridges

Stainless steel and glass bridge. ()
Westminster Bridge, London ()Casting

Single-belt strip-caster, Prof. Rod Guthrie, McGill University. ()Crystallography

Bravais lattices. ()
Austenite and Ferrite. ()
Bain correspondence and Bain strain ()
Cementite ()
Vanadium carbide ()
Molybdenum carbide ()
Niobium carbide ()
Graphite ()
Brass, diamond, zinc sulphide and flourite ()
Nickel based superalloy, γ ()
Nickel based superalloy, γ' ()
Nickel based superalloy, γ'' ()Dislocations and Interfaces

Motion of dislocations. ()
Coincidence site lattice. ()Energy

Conversion of potential into kinetic energy. ()
Conversion of potential into kinetic energy. ()
Wind power at the Kentin National Park, Taiwan. ()Fatigue

Fatigue testing in progress. ()Floods

Bridges and Floods in Cambridge. ()Kinetics and Microstructure

Grain growth. ()
Evolution of microstructure. ()
Solidification. ()
Recrystallisation front. ()
Spinodal decomposition ()
Dendritic and cellular solidification. ()
Solidification of stainless steel ()Lectures

Phase Transformations: videos of 7 lectures. ()
Phase Transformations: videos of 2 lectures. ()
Phase Transformations in Metals: videos of 12 lectures. ()
Thermodynamics: videos of 7 lectures. ()
Kinetics: videos of 8 lectures. ()
Metals and Alloys: videos of 9 lectures. ()
Finite Element Analysis: videos of 2 lectures. ()
Interface Engineering: 5 lectures. ()
Strong wire, 1 lecture. ()
Hume-Rothery Lecture, Oxford University. ()
Materials Congress Plenary Lecture, 2006. ()Martensite and Bainite

Three-dimensional distribution of atoms in bainite. ()
Shape memory effect. ()
Shape memory effect. ()
Magnetic shape memory alloy. ()
Model of displacive transformation. ()
Growth of bainite. ()
Quench distortion. ()
Super Bainite ()Melt Spinning

Melt spinning and rapid solidification. ()The movie is reproduced with permission from Mark Jolly who did the original research in Cambridge University. Thanks also to John Leake, Lindsay Greer, Zoe Barber and Brian Barber for providing the electronic versionMetallography

Focused ion beam machining of sample for transmission electron microscopy. ()
A series of movies to help revise metallography. The larger movies have longer dwell times on individual images in order to allow a teacher to describe the image. The movies are produced by Roz Williams and Harry Bhadeshia, converted into electronic format by Brian Barber.
Annealing twins (austenitic steel), mechanical twins (zinc), mechanical twins (explosively deformed iron), martensite and retained austenite, shape deformation due to martensite, aluminium-silicon casting alloys, sodium-modified Al-Si and metallic superconductors.
(a) 10 Mb, ()(b) 4 Mb, ()(c) 2 Mb, ()
Cast irons: flake, spheroidal, white cast iron, cam and cam shaft, nickel-hard iron, and silal.
(a) 10 Mb, ()(b) 4 Mb, ()(c) 2 Mb, ()Modelling Project

These movies represent the 'Atomic Arrangements: Design and Control Project' between Japan and the U.K., during 1991-1995.
Medium resolution movie (53 Mb). ()
Reasonable resolution movie (18 Mb). ()Neural Networks

Quicktime movie () showing the function z=0.8[tanh(nx-2) + tanh(x2-n)+tanh ny+2) + tanh(y2-n)+1], which is a neural network of two inputs x and y, with four hidden units.Offshore Structures

London Eye ()Open Course Materials Project

Translation of teaching materials into Chinese ()Plough

Evolution of the Plough ()Ships

Boat on River Thames, London ()Steam Engine

Steam engine. ()Superalloys

Three-dimensional shape of grains in a superalloy. ()Surface Hardening

Transformation hardening using a laser heat-source ()Titanium Metallurgy

Titanium metallurgy. ()Train

Bullet train in Tokyo, Japan. ()
Shinkansen ()
Train in Calcutta Station ()
Coal train in Jamshedpur, India ()Welding, Cutting and Drilling

Laser welding of jewellery. ()
Tool repair using laser welding ()
Laser spot and seam welding. ()
Laser welding of battery cases. ()
Friction-stir welding. ()
Friction-stir welding of steel pipes. ()
Arc welding. ()
Friction welding of titanium. ()
Friction welding of aluminium. ()
Fluid flow in weld pool ()
Laser welding of aluminium car. ()
Remote laser welding of automotive components. ()
Variety of laser welding applications at Porsche. ()
Laser cutting of stents. ()
5-axis pulsed YAG profiler aimed at surgical tools. ()
Hole drilling using laser. ()
High-speed cutting ()

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