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02-24-2008, 12:37 AM
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Finite element analysis (FEA) is a critical part of the virtual design process. But because most FEA programs are linear, they can only study parts that deform a small amount, certainly not enough to deformation to exceed the linear elastic range of the materials.

But Marc has no such limitations. A nonlinear FEA program, Marc enables you to assess the structural integrity and performance of parts undergoing large permanent deformations as a result of thermal or structural load. The types of deformations the program can study include geometric nonlinearities (metals bending) and material nonlinearities (elastomers and metals that yield under structural or thermal loading). You can also use Marc to simulate deformable, part-to-part or part-to-self contact under varying conditions that include the effects of friction—critical for analyzing nonlinear behavior in tool-and-die set-up, spring coil clash, or a windshield wiper system.

And whether you are designing with glass, rubber, steel, or concrete, Marc offers an extensive library of metallic and non-metallic material models, along with a library of 175 elements for structural, thermal, and fluid analysis.

Combine with pre- and post-processors
You can drive all Marc products through the common GUI offered by Patran or Marc Mentat, two pre- and post processors that work with Marc. Mentat also provides the unique ability to process large problems in parallel using the domain decomposition technique. Loading conditions can originate from physical tests or virtual tests using Adams. MSC Software AFEA is a bundled version of Patran and Marc.