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The Foundation Engineering Handbook
Author(s): Manjriker Gunaratne
Publisher: CRC Press
Date : 2006
ISBN-10 : 020348441X

The Foundation Engineering Handbook fills that void. It presents both classical and state-of-the-art design and analysis techniques for earthen structures, and covers basic soil mechanics and soil and groundwater modeling concepts along with the latest research results. It addresses isolated and shallow footings, retaining structures, and modern methods of pile construction monitoring, as well as stability analysis and ground improvement methods. The handbook also covers reliability-based design and LRFD (Load Resistance Factor Design)-concepts not addressed in most foundation engineering texts. Easy-to-follow numerical design examples illustrate each technique. Along with its unique, comprehensive coverage, the clear, concise discussions and logical organization of The Foundation Engineering Handbook make it the one quick reference every practitioner and student in the field needs.

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