View Full Version : OLGA - Querry on pigging

04-08-2010, 06:43 AM
Dear Friends,

When I try to develop a model for pigging I find that the pig moves without any problem even if pig dowsteam pressure is more than upsteam pressure- which is not right.( This happens if the node at the launcher end is mass node or a closed node with a fluid source)

But for same scenario, if I use a pressure node and lauch the pig, the pig moves only slightly and stops due to high pressure at downstream, which is right.

I would like to know wheather for pigging should we use only pressure node at launcher end? -as if I use other nodes the pig behavior is wrong

In case if I want to launch a pigg for different flow rate of fluid(for pushing the pig at pig upsteam) how to do it, as in pressure node we cannot mention the flow rate.

I am using Olga 6.0 and used composition tracking module to fill the pipeline with nitrogen initially to 15barg and later to push the pig with oil at 10 barg.

Looking for your guidelines to do pigging

With regards