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Chemical Engineering Dynamics: Modelling with PC Simulation, 2nd Edition
Author(s): John Ingham, Irving J. Dunn
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Date : 2000
ISBN-10 : 35272977


In this book, the modelling of dynamic chemical engineering processes is presented in a highly understandable way using the unique combination of simplified fundamental theory and direct hands-on computer simulation. The mathematics is kept to a minimum, and yet the nearly 100 examples supplied on a CD-ROM illustrate almost every aspect of chemical engineering science. Each example is described in detail, including the model equations. They are written in the modern user-friendly simulation language Berkeley Madonna, which can be run on both Windows PC and Power-Macintosh computers.

Madonna solves models comprising many ordinary differential equations using very simple programming, including arrays. It is so powerful that the model parameters may be defined as "sliders", which allow the effect of their change on the model behavior to be seen almost immediately. Data may be included for curve fitting, and sensitivity or multiple runs may be performed. The results can be seen simultaneously on multiple-graph windows or by using overlays. The resultant learning effect of this is tremendous. The examples can be varied to fit any real situation, and the suggested exercises provide practical guidance.

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