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Force and Motion: An Illustrated Guide to Newton's Laws
Author(s): Jason Zimba
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University
Date : 2009
ISBN-10 : 0801891590

Isaac Newton developed three laws of motion that govern the everyday world. These laws are usually presented in purely mathematical forms, but Jason Zimba breaks with tradition and treats them visually. This unique approach allows students to appreciate the conceptual underpinnings of each law before moving on to qualitative descriptions of motion and, finally, to the equations and their solutions.

Zimba has organized the book into seventeen brief and well-sequenced lessons, which focus on simple, manageable topics and delve into areas that often cause students to stumble. Each lesson is followed by a set of original problems that have been student-tested and refined over twenty years.

Zimba illustrates the laws with more than 350 diagrams, an innovative presentation that offers a fresh way to teach the fundamentals in introductory physics, mechanics, and kinematics courses.

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I am the author of this book, and I would appreciate it if you would stop spreading illegal copies of it.

Jason Zimba

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