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Dynamics of Offshore Structures
Author(s): James F. Wilson
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
Date : 2003
ISBN-10 : 0471264679
ISBN-13 : 9780471264675

Unique, cutting-edge material on structural dynamics and natural forces for offshore structures
Using the latest advances in theory and practice, Dynamics of Offshore Structures, Second Edition is extensively revised to cover all aspects of the physical forces, structural modeling, and mathematical methods necessary to effectively analyze the dynamic behavior of offshore structures. Both closed-form solutions and the Mathematica(r) software package are used in many of the up-to-date example problems to compute the deterministic and stochastic structural responses for such offshore structures as buoys; moored ships; and fixed-bottom, cable-stayed, and gravity-type platforms.

Throughout the book, consideration is given to the many assumptions involved in formulating a structural model and to the natural forces encountered in the offshore environment. These analyses focus on plane motions of elastic structures with linear and nonlinear restraints, as well as motions induced by the forces of currents, winds, earthquakes, and waves, including the latest theories and information on wave mechanics. Topics addressed include multidegree of freedom linear structures, continuous system analysis (including the motion of cables and pipelines), submerged pile design, structural modal damping, fluid-structure-soil interactions, and single degree of freedom structural models that, together with plane wave loading theories, lead to deterministic or time history predictions of structural responses. These analyses are extended to statistical descriptions of both wave loading and structural motion.

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