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Standard Handbook of Architectural Engineering on CD-ROM
McGraw-Hill Professional | English | 1999-06-25 | ISBN: 0071347518 | ISO | 62,5 MB

Now part of McGraw-Hill's time-saving, state-of-the-art Core Handbook CD-ROM series, this indispensable handbook enables architects, designers, builders, and engineers to design virtually any functional component for any architecture anywhere in the world. Key features:
* Contains the complete content of the Standard Handbook in a fully searchable Adobe Acrobat format
* Offers a complete collection of structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, and acoustical data
* Includes 450 universal design scenarios, each of which describes the sizing of a different functional part of a building
* Provides more than 900 fully interactive formulas, tables, and calculations, enabling users to size each component perfectly and effortlessly
* Features extensive indexing that allows for instant access to specific data
* Both Mac- and PC-compatible

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