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03-09-2010, 12:47 AM
The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible
By John C. Payne
Publisher : Sheridan House; edition 3rd
Date : 2007-04-13
ISBN-10: 1574092421

Here at last is the long awaited third edition of the world s most comprehensive electrical and electronics handbook for sailors. More and more boaters are buying and relying on electronic and electrical devices aboard their boats, but few are aware of proper installation procedures or how to safely troubleshoot these devices if they go on the blink. Now they can find all the information they need in this one complete handbook. The author has put together a concise, useful, and thoroughly practical guide explaining in detail how to select, install, maintain, and troubleshoot all the electrical and electronic systems on a boat. This new edition is fully updated and contains information on battery capacity, charging systems, wiring, lightning and corrosion protection, radar, autopilots, VHF and SSB radios, Short-wave communications, GMDSS, GPS, EPIRBs and much more. The book is illustrated with hundreds of informative charts, wiring diagrams and graphs.

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How about uploading it on ifile....rapidshare needs to be a member to get access to it

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Thanks anyway, but the book not for industrial application.