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  1. Question to simulation engineers!
  2. Article: Accidents / Incidents / Near misses
  3. Article: PVT Correlation (PVTO table)
  4. Article: Common mistakes in process design/simulation
  5. Article: Reservoir Simulation and History Matching
  6. Depressurization with hysys
  7. Article: Can anybody give me some advices about my topic: liquid loading?
  8. High pressure steam to reduce into low pressure steam system
  9. dynamic simulation in hysys!!!!!!!!
  10. Manifold design
  11. Article: Compressor Selection Guidelines
  12. Article: How to add function for specific heat capacity variation in Hysys
  13. Article: Detachable saddles for horizontal pressure vessel
  14. Article: This Drilling Problem what i faced in Mexico
  15. Article: Gas Plant Troubleshooting.......Please enter and share you experience.....
  16. Article: How can i be plant designer ??????
  17. Article: Behind Pipe Potential & Reserves
  18. Article: Fuel gas used for instrument purges
  19. Article: wellhead & erosion
  20. Article: pipeline calculations
  21. Article: Question about surface pressure loss through surface equipment
  22. Article: Fire Safety measures required for diesel storage facilities
  23. Training Courses: Switching from Chemical Engg to Petroleum/Reservoir Engg??
  24. Article: Requsting DCS training material.
  25. Article: Requsting DCS training material.
  26. Article: Tpm , kaizen in chemical laboratory
  27. Article: كتاب دليلك لتعلم الهايسيس/ your guide to learn HYSYS (in Arabic)
  28. Article: safety certifications for plant start up
  29. Article: Capillary Flow Measurements Experiment: Laboratories
  30. Article: Hanger attachment in CAESAR Software
  31. Article: How to run a Restart Case in Petrel
  32. Article: Polymerization reaction simulation
  33. Article: PVIi help
  34. Article: Oil Skimmer tank design - Nutshell filter Design
  35. Article: CMG Simulator
  36. Article: Hysis Question: mass flow dont change with Temperature
  37. Article: I want to learn hysys = Home , any ideas ???
  38. Article: OLGA training about gas lift
  39. Article: Reservoir Temperature
  40. Article: Pipeline Slugging
  41. Article: Gas Lift Data needed!
  42. Article: use eclipse results as a property in Petrel
  43. Article: hysys condenser...dynamic simulation
  44. Article: Effect of Alloying Elelments on Crystal Structure?
  45. Article: Introduction to NFPA Codes
  46. Article: common problems in crude distillation and vacuum distillation unit
  47. Article: PVTi Regression in BATCH MODE
  48. Article: Wet Scrubber - Venturi And Spray Tower
  49. Article: World Cup South Africa 2010
  50. Article: [ask] waste heat boilers efficiency
  51. Article: Surface Protection for Burred Service
  52. Article: A Question for CMG`s Users!!
  53. Article: Pipe stress Analysis
  54. Article: three phase detection hysys
  55. Article: BP says accident, spill will change deepwater drilling
  56. Article: HELP required for pump vibration analysis.
  57. Article: Health, Safety and Environment Case Guidelines for Mobile Offshore Drilling
  58. Article: Nothing important than this_Must Read.
  59. Article: PSV inlet piping
  60. Article: pipe welded
  61. Article: Pigging Motion Analysis
  62. Article: Valve Trim Material
  63. Article: Petroleum Reserves Estimation Methods
  64. Article: Calculation for Dishend of Vessel
  65. Shaftline alignment
  66. Article: How to calculate the surface area of CONE ROOf Tank.
  67. Article: Archie equation coefficients
  68. Article: Need Fire Hydrant Design Calculation
  69. Article: how can i reduce pressure in a liquid ?
  70. Article: about phast discharge modeling!!!!!!
  71. Article: papers about slug flow
  72. Article: To interpret LAS file
  73. Article: how to calculate the flow rate in a pressurised pipe with a flow meter?
  74. Article: i want to be a process engineer
  75. Article: Equivalent length, pls help
  76. Article: Question about the energy computed in hysys
  77. Article: Master study in Hydrate
  78. Article: Physical Properties Of Natural Gas
  79. Article: Piping systems -Pipe Stress Analysis
  80. Article: Sizing or rating the water sealing drum for flare system
  81. Article: Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO)
  82. Article: Equipment replacement
  83. Article: PVTi components
  84. Article: Request : help me
  85. Article: Aspen Plus vs Hysys
  86. Article: Engineering Term
  87. Article: Gasoline blending system
  88. Article: Gas flare systems for compressor stations
  89. Article: different set of binary coefficient (nrtl) hysys
  90. Article: Request Need Solution for the Case Presented
  91. Article: all information about gas flare and gas flare recovery
  92. Article: How do we calculate scaffold volumn if tank dia is 17.74 meter and height is
  93. Article: about phast discharge modeling!!!!!!
  94. Article: Reservoir simulation model initialization
  95. Article: list of documents supplied by Institute of Petroleum
  96. Article: Gasoline blending system
  97. Article: Capital cost estimation of evaporators
  98. Article: Process Plant Materials.....
  99. Article: Discussion about oil migration to gas cap
  100. Article: Corrosion under Insulation (CUI)
  101. Article: Process Piping - Key Facts on Process Piping Design (Interesting)
  102. Article: General Guidelines for Equipment and Piping Location, Spacing, Distances and
  103. Article: Pipeline Construction codes of practice
  104. Design Modules for a Project
  105. Article: How Does Actuators Works?
  106. Article: ask for make-up time to refill fire water tanks
  107. Article: ask for make-up time to refill fire water tanks
  108. Article: Chemical Engineering - Facts at your Fingertips -very useful for interview
  109. Article: Two phase flow Correlations(please very important)
  110. Article: how to calculate the AFFF foam consumption in gas & oil plant?
  111. Article: How to calculate the fire water consumption in process units in gas&oil plan
  112. Article: Case Study for ZERO FLARE
  113. Article: Oasis Montaj help
  114. Important Equations For Estimating Pressure Loss Inside Gas Pipelines Eng.Hassan
  115. Article: Petrel 2007
  116. Article: Production Allocation Method
  117. Designing of Knockout Drums
  118. Article: PHAST Risk 6.54 Help
  119. URGENCY - Provision of PSV/PRV for 200 Litre Flammble Liquid Drums
  120. Article: Help required in HYSYS
  121. Article: Prospect estimation
  122. Article: URGENCY - Provision of PSV/PRV for 200 Litre Flammble Liquid Drums
  123. Article: Depressurizing: Vessel and Overhead Line (24
  124. Article: OS&D Level Gauge. Need your help
  125. Article: Sand Problem
  126. Article: effect of Tube length of Condenser on performance of steam jet ejector
  127. Article: Saturation height function
  128. Article: Question in Petrel
  129. Article: what is the best software for static correction ?
  130. Article: Design Considerations for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  131. Article: Saturation height function
  132. Article: Development Concept for Gas Production
  133. Article: Cooling Towers: Design and Operation Considerations
  134. Article: Open source ASME calculation software
  135. Article: Design of Water wall (Membrane wall) in waste heat boiler
  136. Article: Electrical Design Spreadsheets
  137. Article: Sealing Procedures in Tank farms
  138. Article: Standard for Eye Wash Facilities
  139. Article: Sealing Procedures in Tank farms
  140. Article: Sealing Procedures in Tank farms
  141. Article: Slug Catcher Blowdown
  142. Article: risked reserve calculation
  143. Article: Hard Hat (Safety Helmet) Types and Standards
  144. Article: Fireproofin criteria
  145. Article: spherical vessels on legs
  146. Article: jet pump
  147. Article: Hysys
  148. Polymath 6.10
  149. Article: Process Plant Piping Maintenance & Repair
  150. Article: Heat transfer problem in pipesim
  151. Article: Specification for Remote Instrument and Electrical Enclosure
  152. Article: How to determine pipeline failure ?
  153. Article: How to determine pipeline failure ?
  154. Article: gas lift well analysis on the basis of pressure gradient and injection gas m
  155. Article: Question about production profiles
  156. Article: How to select SS pipe finish, Hot finished or cold finished?
  157. Article: Saturation height function
  158. Article: help any vacuum condeser flooding height hydraulic calcuation paper or book
  159. Article: Multifeed distillation column design
  160. Article: Multifeed distillation column design
  161. Article: Nitrogen blanketing procedure for shipping Vessels & Tanks
  162. Article: Design Considerations for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  163. Article: Pressure Transient Analysis: Very High Dietz Shape Factor
  164. Article: Impact test requirement
  165. Article: Need any pipeline corrosion database for testing a neural network model
  166. Article: anyone can help me? in Olga 6 problem
  167. Article: Any help with Aphron?
  168. Article: Atmospheric venturi burner
  169. Article: formulas for gas measurement
  170. Article: Temperature control of a batch reactor
  171. Article: [Question] air fluidizer, air pad, air blaster
  172. Article: Question for all welding engineers & techologiests?
  173. Article: Fire fighting for a tank farm
  174. Article: Aspen Team (HTFS+)
  175. Article: Free Publicly Available Control Valve Sizing Softwares
  176. Article: dual tailing lug
  177. Article: Pig Launching & Receiving Procedures
  178. Article: Effect of Temperature on the Viscosity of the Fluid
  179. Article: Cavitation in Hydraulic Turbines: Causes and Effects
  180. Article: Neutralization Tank Discharge
  181. Article: Be careful...
  182. Article: AMINE TREATING UNITS Relating Problems...
  183. Article: Career as inspection engineer
  184. Article: ITP for internal pressure vessel inspection
  185. Article: Relative permeability tables & Endpoint Scaling
  186. Article: Streamline simulation and Assisted history matching
  187. Article: Product with negative API gravity
  188. Article: kettle reboiler problem
  189. Article: Tank Venting Calculations
  190. Article: Material Balance Equation
  191. Article: Production Facilities
  192. Article: Simulate flow of gasoline through pipeline to a suction pump pipephase
  193. Article: Streamline simulation and Assisted history matching
  194. Article: project for imroving the gas gathering system design.
  195. Article: Acquisition Economics
  196. Article: Indirect water bath heater sizing
  197. Article: Petroleum Community Survey
  198. Article: Electric Motor Driven Gas Compressor Unit
  199. Article: Sour water system - Query ...
  200. Article: Tank Venting Calculations
  201. Article: crude oil Storage tank instruments
  202. Article: gravity drainage
  203. Article: Burner getting off
  204. Article: Prizm
  205. Article: Tube to tubesheet leakage in shell & tube heat exchangers
  206. Article: cable route
  207. Article: eclipse e300 for water vaporization application
  208. Article: corrugated metal hose design
  209. Article: Drilling Sequence
  210. Article: Hysys Vs ChemCad Vs Aspen plus Vs ProII
  211. Article: gas detectors inside control room
  212. Article: whether the jockey pumps required to be fed from an emergency panel?
  213. Article: Please Help : Reliability block diagrams
  214. Article: Different pressure drops across 2 reservoirs
  215. Article: Colour codes for DCS graphics
  216. Article: SS equipments surface coating
  217. Article: Gas Lift Instability
  218. Article: On-Bottom stability design
  219. Article: Hysys Extension Sample with Visual Basic 2008, 2005 or .NET
  220. Article: How to simulate stress dependent permeability in CMG
  221. Article: Cause & Effect Diagram
  222. Article: Petroleum projects economics.
  223. Article: How to calculate orifice plate dia
  224. Article: VFP Tables in Eclipse
  225. Article: Hot Insulation & Cold Insulation
  226. Article: Amaril RE-Studio
  227. Article: FPSO Conversions
  228. Article: Flare KO Drum sizing
  229. Article: Effect of increase in WC on bottom hole flowing pressure
  230. Article: Cost Estimation for a Project.
  231. Article: What is the difference between jacketted and double walled pressure vessels?
  232. Article: gas detectors inside control room
  233. Article: Torispherical Head Thickness Calculation problem, pls help me
  234. Article: Stimulation results prediction
  235. Article: Stimulation results prediction
  236. Article: Pump Calculation Flow Chart
  237. Article: Hydrotreater simulation
  238. Article: Orifice Plate Sizing for Two Phase Fluids
  239. Article: PVElilte: thickness of nozzle
  240. Article: negative OIIP result from MBE
  241. Article: Anyone knows how I can put into the wellbore a Liner?
  242. Article: [Request] ELECTRIC HEATING in OLGA
  243. Article: FPSO Crew Chart
  244. Article: Simulate flow of gasoline through pipeline to a suction pump pipephase
  245. Article: High Presure Storage Tank
  246. Article: Methods Of Increasing Flow Through PipeLines Engineer/Hassan Wagd
  247. Article: Coating in Petroleum storage tank
  248. Article: Expansion bellows design as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 App-26
  249. Article: pressure buildup
  250. Article: Coating in storage tank