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  1. Article: Security in Nigeria
  2. Article: PSV and piping sizing for critical and/or vapor-liquid flows with PRODE
  3. Article: How important surface tension of liquid is for estimating liquid entrainment
  4. Article: Coal Bounded Water on dynamic modeling
  5. hysis
  6. Non Destructive Testing
  7. Understanding Crystallization and Crystallizers
  8. failure frequency data
  9. Validate VLE / VLLE results with Phase Envelope Utility in PRODE
  10. Sample of staad pro
  11. WET GAS compression simulation with PRODE PROPERTIES
  12. Api 12 gdu
  13. Testing procedure for won made spec. Heat measurment
  14. Working in Iraq
  15. Best working opportunity for petroleum engineering graduate
  16. Safety issues in Southern Iraq Fields
  17. Article: Relief valves emissions monitoring
  18. Article: Fire Water Pump motor spec or data sheet
  19. Article: Software Recommendation for Gas and Oils Separation Plants?
  20. Article: Butterfly Valve Shutoff classes
  21. Article: Flow Assurance
  22. Article: Pressured system
  23. Article: Pressure drop over plate heat exchanger - is a calculation sheet available?
  24. Article: Reducing mobility in miscible gas injection
  25. Article: Modified beggs and Brill equation ??
  26. Article: Thread size spreadsheet help
  27. Article: how to model
  28. Article: vent stack snuffing
  29. Article: pressure relief valve
  30. Article: معدات استخراج و تكرير النفط
  31. Article: Onshore Process Plant Modular Design
  32. Article: An Introduction to Fire Dynamics, 3rd edition
  33. Article: Vacuum breakers in firewater systems
  34. Article: Minimum Wall Thickness Criteria
  35. Article: Surge Control
  36. Article: hazardous area classification for underground valves
  37. Article: Piping / codes in New zealand
  38. Article: Validate VLE / VLLE results with Phase Envelope Utility in PRODE
  39. Article: Tube to Tubesheet joint effect on Tubesheet thickness
  40. Article: Production separator cleaning
  41. Article: Scrubber Design Guideline
  42. Article: PSV and piping sizing for critical and/or vapor-liquid flows with PRODE
  43. Article: How to measure the pressure inside a pipeline segment?
  44. Article: OLGA SPT GROUP - Compressor Data File
  45. Article: Depressuring Query
  46. Hello.Can any man help me to find a good book in tank lining subject
  47. Steam Custody Metering
  48. Article: Intrinsic Safety Concept
  49. Article: Restriction Orifice Sizing
  50. Article: Estimation of Manhours
  51. Article: Risk acceptance and tolerability
  52. Article: Fired heaters
  53. Painting on the surface of Black Steel
  54. Bs en 10028-1-2009
  55. BuiltWorks
  56. Article: Low Pressure Trip of Vessel
  57. Article: Practice Questions/Quiz/MCQ's related to Production Engineering
  58. Article: Tank vent calculation
  59. Article: Sludge Pumping - Non-Newtonian Fluid
  60. design materials..
  61. Job for geoscientist
  62. Pipe supports
  63. Article: Offshore Engineering (Subsea) jobs in the Gulf of Guinea
  64. Article: ASPEN HYSYS 8.0 tutorial (pdf)
  65. Article: Valve Pressure problem in Hysys
  66. Article: Arrangement of discharge piping from Pressure Relief Valves
  67. Article: Pressure Safety Valves with Hysys 8
  68. Article: Process Piping Calculator per ASME B31.3
  69. Article: Gas pipeline and Gas compression station simulation examples in Hysys
  70. PDMS Administrator Books
  71. Article: Pipe Supports Determination
  72. Article: Technical Assessment for Operation Safety Staff and Principal.
  73. Article: الأسباب الحقيقية للإنقلاب العسكري بمصر
  74. Article: advice about courses in the USA
  75. Article: Properties of Line Pipe
  76. Article: Blowdown depressurisation
  77. Article: Link Excel to HYSYS
  78. Article: What kind of exchanger i use to simulate ambient air vaporizer in hysys 7.3
  79. Article: Emulsion simulation with pipesim and olga
  80. Article: thermal relief valve - liquid tube rupture scenario
  81. Article: pressure gradient
  82. Article: shut-in and start-up in olga
  83. Article: pressure gradient
  84. Article: Hazardous area classification is required if we already have dispersion anal
  85. Article: Water Loading in Oil Well
  86. Article: Immiscible displacement in CO2 flooding
  87. Article: More Process Design Spreadsheets
  88. Article: Sizing of relief valve for LPG bullet
  89. Article: Pressure relief valves and set pressure
  90. Article: Changing gas pressure supplied to a heat exchanger
  91. Article: Re: How to calculate Well Bore pressure drop?
  92. Article: Fluid In Place in LGR in Eclipse
  93. Article: Horizontal 2 Phase Separator Sizing
  94. Article: OLGA Manuals and Trainings
  95. Article: olga modeling
  96. Article: Emulsion simulation with pipesim and olga
  97. Anybody please can give me piping layout notes or any good book on piping layouts ?
  98. Hello
  99. hello again
  100. Article: How to build a model without any data using petrel and then do a synthetic s
  101. Article: Simulate Multiple Phase Pump in HYSYS
  102. Article: Heat Exchanger Design on HTRi
  103. Just say Hello
  104. Article: Hydrocarbon data book in excel
  105. Article: 101 on piping and pipeline
  106. Article: Stress value in Wall Thickness equation in B31.3
  107. Article: Piping Inspector Recommendation
  108. Article: Pressure vessels and heat exchangers calculation software
  109. Article: Relief Valve Discharge Piping Forces
  110. technical book for hydro power plant
  111. Books regarding Steam Ejectors
  112. Corrosion inhibitor for drilling mud
  113. Article: Reviwing Static Equipment Design
  114. Article: AFT Fathom - problems with pressure
  115. Article: Estimation of Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers
  116. Article: Preflash Column Foaming
  117. Article: Waxy crude in Hysys
  118. Article: build Fluid tables using PVTSIM
  119. Looking for API 1104 English version 21st Edition
  120. Article: Launcher and Receiver designs
  121. Article: The relation between wind speed and min required purge rate to avoid flare s
  122. Article: PIPESIM :Sizing flow line riser pair
  123. Article: Petrel Tips and Tricks
  124. Article: Eclipse Tips and Tricks
  125. Article: permeability reduction by bacteria plugging
  126. Article: saturation pressure in PVT analysis
  127. Article: Calculate composition of gas mixture
  128. Article: Determination of Wax Appearance Temperature by using PIPESIM
  129. NICET IV Certification
  130. Article: pressure transient analysis
  131. Article: Stress analysis and evaluation of a rectangular pressure vessel.
  132. Article: Blowdown calculation
  133. Article: Erosion Due To Flow
  134. Article: Difference HEI, TEMA standard for feedwater heaters / steam surface condense
  135. Engineering subjects
  136. AutoCAD Plant 3D training manual needed
  137. Article: Orifice Plate Installed Backwards
  138. Article: HYSYS - desorption
  139. Article: Re: Network modeling
  140. Article: Unsafe Acts Safety Presentation with pictures – Oil & Gas Maintenance
  141. Article: Pipeline / Pressure Vessel / Air Receiver Hydrotesting
  142. Article: ASME Pressure Vessel Load Combination
  143. Article: Msc dissertation suggestion
  144. Article: Arabic oil and gas dictionary
  145. Article: Education question for petroleum employers
  146. Article: Flow Transmitter Ranges
  147. Article: Light and Heavy Naphtha
  148. Article: Re: two phase flow erosion corrosion books/atricles
  149. Article: Re: two phase flow erosion corrosion books/atricles
  150. Article: PSV Calculation
  151. Article: Pipesim 2013 & Pipesim 2012 Vs older version of Pipesim
  152. Article: AspenTech HYSYS VBA
  153. Article: purge gas to flare header
  154. Article: Calculation of SACP for Vessel
  155. Article: Effect of inlet Temperature on Caustic Tower Operation in Ethane -----er Eth
  156. All gas flare and flare gas recovery articles
  157. Article: Submersible Pump not showing desired pressure
  158. Article: High Pressure Water Cleaning (Hydro jetting) Safety Presentation with pictur
  159. Article: 3 Way Valve Fire Safe
  160. Article: Process engineer
  161. Article: Probleme of high temperature in reboiler
  162. Article: Hysys dynamics for gas transmission and pressure hydraulics
  163. Article: Measuring flare flow
  164. Article: How to simulate a multiphase pump with HYSYS?
  165. Article: Productivity index in a horizontal well
  166. Article: How to estimate Heat Loss from Storage Tanks or Process Vessels
  167. Article: Online free course Reservoir Geomechanics April 2014
  168. Article: SIL Calculation
  169. Article: Equilibrium flash vaporisation temperature EFV
  170. Article: Gas cap saturated reservoir in MBAL (prediction)
  171. Article: Useful excel spreadsheets for Heat Exchangers
  172. Article: Hydrate formation curve in Excel
  173. Article: Flow Simulation in Pump/Compressor Design
  174. Looking for Latest version of API Codes
  175. Article: Need Advise - Career progression
  176. Article: Re: Training to young Engineers
  177. Article: Choke size an bottom hole pressure
  178. Article: Re: Ball valve passing after pigging
  179. Article: Pipe washing and Doping.
  180. Article: [Help]How to change the data in Single-poro to Dualporo in ECLIPSE ??
  181. Article: High Pressure Water Cleaning (Hydro jetting) Safety Presentation with pictur
  182. Article: Deflection of Diesel storage tank of thickness 4.0 mm sheet
  183. Article: How to receive mail from petroleum community in your inbox
  184. Article: !!!flow assurance challenges
  185. Article: Spreadsheet for hvac and plumbing calcs
  186. Article: Looking For Refinery Process
  187. Article: Biodiesel Questions - Process Simulators - Component Database for Biofuels
  188. Article: Require DBR Solid...Please help!!!
  189. Cosmoswork static analysis
  190. ieee 1584
  191. Article: Latent heat of vaporization of Crude Oil
  192. Article: Nitrogen asphyxiation
  193. Design of Piping systems-Kellogg 2011 edition
  194. Article: Drain Procedure
  195. Article: PVTsim Nova
  196. Article: Please post any training material for working on OLGA 7.0
  197. Article: Drain Procedure
  198. Article: heater treater sizing
  199. Article: Fired Heater and Pigging Cost Estimates
  200. Article: Blowdown depressurisation
  201. Article: Can anyone help on the PSV calculation?
  202. Article: Air separation
  203. Test Post
  204. Article: Two Phase Flow Calculation
  205. Articles
  206. Article: M.Sc. Reservoir Evaluation and Management Notes
  207. I need to post a thread
  208. Article: Bolted Steel Tank design calculations
  209. Hello everybody :)
  210. Article: true multiphase gas + liquid + solid , phase equilibria in Prode Properties
  211. Article: On/Off Valve Leakage Test Methods
  212. Article: Re: heater treater sizing
  213. Article: Any idea to make Circular Chart Recorder
  214. Article: Requirement for Submersible Fire Pump
  215. Article: Facing Problems while evaluating derivatives?
  216. Article: PETREL - Create simulation (grid) fault
  217. Article: CO2 Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Production
  218. Article: Fire pump tutorial
  219. Article: Help-Scada System-Well Test-Production
  220. Article: MWD / Directional Driling Training
  221. Article: Pipe Flow: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide
  222. Article: Hydrate Formation Curve
  223. Article: Drilling Problems
  224. Article: How does Chemcad account for inflation?
  225. Article: Seeking sponsorship - Masters Degree in Petroleum Engineering
  226. Article: API 1169 & API SI Self Study Notes - Sharing
  227. Article: Useful excel spreadsheets for Heat Exchangers
  228. Article: Pipe Supports Determination
  229. Article: Naphtha splitter unit Catalysts
  230. Article: Guide for Tuning of Control Valves & Control Loops
  231. Article: Please Help.. Urgent... SP3D Nozzle & Pipe Component Error.
  232. Article: Surge Analysis for Transmission Mains (Pipelines)
  233. Article: Field Guide for Investigating Internal Corrosion of Pipelines (NACE Press)
  234. Article: Best places to purchase equipment
  235. Article: Scholarships everyWhere from MIT - Modified/Updated
  236. Article: Pipeline plug Calculation
  237. Article: Corrosion in a ammonia threw compressor
  238. Article: Change career from operation engineer to process engineer
  239. Article: Reservoir monitoring
  240. Article: How to reduce water cut of a self flowing oil well?
  241. Article: piping purge times - over long distances
  242. Article: هبوط أسعار النفط نعمة أم نقمة ؟
  243. Article: piping purge times - over long distances
  244. Article: Aspen Hysys algorithms
  245. Article: Natural Gas production station near HV power lines
  246. Article: Hot Oil Circulation
  247. Article: Hello to everybody!
  248. Article: High Pressure Pumps
  249. Article: Gas flow rate inside Pipeline
  250. Article: Perforation is outside the grid in ECLIPSE SCHEDULE: Help!!!