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  1. Article: Calculation of hydraulic resistance
  2. Article: Improving production through well control
  3. Article: help about reservoir questions
  4. Article: Pressure relief valve (PRV) reaction force - Two phase fluid - Closed system
  5. Article: Purge Gas Rate
  6. Article: Flow Rate Vs Pressure Loss
  7. Article: Process Simulators_List_Comparison
  8. Article: installing ESDV at the departing pipeline of well pad area (one well only)
  9. Article: Dynamic Simulation In Hysys
  10. Article: On-Bottom Stability calculation at shore approach area
  11. Article: undergraduate, recomend a software to start
  12. Article: Re: Questions - plz help .
  13. Article: FT reactor simulation in ASPEN plus
  14. Article: Maps
  15. Article: Aspen Plus reaction rate
  16. Article: PHAST Risk vs. SAFETI
  17. Article: New process designer - literature recommendations?
  18. Article: OLGA sample cases,tutorial and training materials
  19. Article: Natural Gas Treatment
  20. Article: Dispersion Diagram/Chart
  21. Article: 2" Nozzle on 180 Deg on 4" Line
  22. Article: Drilling Problem ( Help Needed)
  23. Article: acid wash
  24. Article: Re: Api gravity correction at 60f-formula required
  25. Article: Gaslift netwok optimization using pipesim
  26. Article: Re: PHAST Risk vs. SAFETI
  27. Article: Anhydrous Ammonia Shipping conditions
  28. Article: Pipeline depressurization philosophy
  29. Article: MVA Short Circuit from ETAP
  30. Article: number of tie-in joints in a piping system
  31. Article: circulation pressure
  32. Article: Waterflood Prediction and Monitoring
  33. Article: LOPA: Credits for Safety Valves and Instruments
  34. Article: Petroleum hydrocarbon in water
  35. Article: ASME Code Simplified - Pressure Vessels
  36. Article: Hysys Urea plant modelling
  37. Article: Hydrotreater simulation on HYSYS 3.2
  38. Article: 3phase separator
  39. Article: Merox Treatment
  40. Article: Re: Question for Welding Inspectors
  41. Article: diffusion Coeffient a 1-D
  42. Article: Pipeline depressurization philosophy
  43. Article: separator nozle modified
  44. Article: casing programme? OD selection?
  45. Article: Reservoir Static Pressure match
  46. Article: PipeSim Problem
  47. Article: Management of change
  48. Article: All About Vacuum and Related Systems
  49. Article: The best advanced and sophisticate drilling softwares
  50. Article: Pipe Analysis Calculation Problem - Pipe Schedule
  51. Article: Massive hydraulic fracture treatment
  52. Article: API rotating equipment certification
  53. Article: Non-contact temperature measurement
  54. Article: Thesis in Petroleum Engineering
  55. Article: Re: Drilling Exam Question
  56. Article: API Glossary of Oilfield Production Terminology
  57. Article: please give valuable suggestion of me regarding taking the design course
  58. Article: Help with OLGA
  59. Article: Reservoir simulation model initialization
  60. Article: Modelling of Hydro Turbine- Generator system in Simulink
  61. Article: PVT Recombination Procedure
  62. Article: PWHT for API 650 nozzles
  63. Article: change flowrate with time in OLGA 7
  64. Article: Fired heater simulation
  65. Article: Shut-in Start-Up simulation in OLGA
  66. Article: What kind of career after Bachelor graduation?
  67. Article: DST simulation in Eclipse
  68. Article: API 5CT X-52 Grade Buttress Thread
  69. Article: PipeSim Problem
  70. مقال: Repair of cone roof tank
  71. مقال: ابدأ بالأهم ولو كان صعبا
  72. Article: Which jobs involve Thermodynamics , Heat transfer and Fluid dynamics in the
  73. Article: Phases re-distribution during build up test.
  74. Article: What is the thermal expansion coefficient for oil?
  75. Article: oil and gas processing- Need help
  76. Article: Retirement Thickness calculation for existing storage tanks (API 650)
  77. Article: [REQUEST] Hydrogen Sulphide H2S Work Procedure
  78. Article: List of software for mechanical engineer
  79. Article: [NEED] Edminster - Okamoto spreadsheets
  80. Article: Petroleum system analysis
  81. Article: TNT calculation of LPG explosion
  82. Article: Repair job with R stamp, Hyderotest & derating query
  83. Article: Tracers from gas injection to petrel
  84. Article: PipeSim Problem
  85. Article: HVAC to reservoir engineering
  86. Article: i need your advice
  87. Article: Pipe Class Component Software (PCC)
  88. Article: Well Control Help
  89. Article: Slug volume and Slug catcher design
  90. Article: Drainage Radius Estimation
  91. Article: Shell thickness for an Indirect Heater
  92. Article: Wbhp is equal to zero when well was schedual to shut?
  93. Article: AspenONE 8.1 Release
  94. Article: tank inlet nozzle
  95. Article: condenser water box top elevation
  96. Article: Heat accumulators for hot water and Air conditioning accumulators
  97. Article: how to calibrate the dynamic model with DST results
  98. Article: Aspen Kbase and Cost Estimator
  99. Article: PSV flashing (vapor + liquid)
  100. Article: Distance between the two conductors in offshore fixed platform
  101. Article: Drainage Radius Estimation
  102. Article: Drainage Radius Estimation
  103. Article: Heating effect in conditions when bottom hole flowing pressure is below bubb
  104. Article: Pressure Enthalpy diagram
  105. Article: SHELL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER (Tube Sagging Problem)
  106. Article: NGL Recovery
  107. Article: Shut-in Start-Up simulation in OLGA
  108. Article: Cold Water Wash
  109. Article: Vacuum TEG Reclaim
  110. Article: [Need Help] Least Distance to Sealing Fault
  111. Article: Glossary of HSE Terms
  112. Article: Functional Safety Terms and Acronyms Glossary
  113. Article: Speed of sound gas + liquid
  114. Article: Line sizing
  115. Article: Loading 2D seismic data in petrel
  116. Article: OLGA 7.0.0 tutorials
  117. Article: PSV flashing (vapor + liquid)
  118. Article: Sealing Strips / Dummy tubes - Heat Exchanger
  119. Article: system / systems vs process engineering
  120. Article: How to calculate the fire water consumption in process units in gas&oil plan
  121. Article: Electrical Engineering Training Courses - Fundamentals
  122. Article: chloride contents in Crude oil
  123. Article: DNV PHAST Q&A Thread
  124. Article: Any hydrogen detectors for hydrogen leakage detection in the refineries?
  125. Article: Slug Volume Calculations from Olga
  126. Article: Shut-in Start-Up simulation in OLGA
  127. Article: Temperature measurement of concrete
  128. Article: pressure increase in steam header pipe
  129. Article: What is the reason for using pseudo-pressure for gas reservoirs?
  130. Article: Solar Radiation for Flare Heat Radiation Intensity
  131. Article: Flare Gas Recovery Ideas
  132. Article: Animated Process Flow Sheets Software
  133. Article: Search from Google as Expert
  134. Article: Any feedback on Uni of North Dakota Distance Learning Program in Petroleum E
  135. Article: Aspen Energy Analyzer - help !
  136. Article: Offshore fire fighting
  137. Article: Gas Volumetric flow input in Hysys
  138. Article: Damper material for furnace
  139. Article: حلقات البرنامج الاذاعى ( بسمة أمل) للداعية الدكتور عمرو خالد
  140. Article: prepare PVT tables for simulation model....please help
  141. Article: CAESAR dynamic analysis
  142. Nozzle Reinforcement (Area Replacement Method) to BS EN 14015:2004
  143. Article: Nozzle Reinforcement (Area Replacement Method) to BS EN 14015:2004
  144. Article: Looking for a possible research topic in hydraulic fracturing.
  145. Article: building Pressure Map or Isobar Map
  146. Article: Popular Reservoir Simulators
  147. Article: Flow assurance
  148. Article: Paraffin control
  149. Article: Pipe Flow 2: Multi-phase Flow Assurance
  150. Article: Process Engineering Design Manuals
  151. Article: MDEA + Piperazine in HYSYS
  152. Article: Calculate water dewpoint in line gas transmission
  153. Article: Choice of process simulator Aspen One or Chemcad
  154. Article: Substation & control room design criteria as per NFPA
  155. Article: PSV sizing , two phase flow
  156. Thank you
  157. Article: Maximum Allowable Distance Between HART Transmitter and S7-300 AI HART Card
  158. Article: A request for help in Olga
  159. Article: High efficient Shell and tube heat exchanger
  160. Article: I need your help to understand an equation from DNV RP F 109
  161. Article: Prediction using software Mbal
  162. Article: CO2 absorbed by NaOH in Aspen Plus
  163. Article: calculate welding layer number (material)
  164. Article: Some Eclipse help for a beginner
  165. Article: problem solving flowchart
  166. Hello
  167. chat
  168. ISO 9001 documents with explainations !
  169. CB&I Specifications
  170. High Pressure and High Temperature Wells
  171. Article: Well Control Help
  172. The Egyptian Society for Industrial Inspection
  173. Article: The Egyptian Society for Industrial Inspection
  174. Article: co2 flooding system
  175. Article: about nature gas compressor station
  176. Article: about calcium carbonate.
  177. Article: Advanced Phase Behavior and PVT
  178. Article: How to eliminate H2S from crude oil
  179. Article: SIL Determination Method (IEC-61511)
  180. Do you know a smilar software of Smartplant 3d?
  181. Article: Transient/Dynamic modelling of CO2 pipeline depressurization in HYSYS.
  182. Any PDF to DWG Converter
  183. Article: Blowdown and flareload calculation guideline
  184. Article: Pump for condensates tank
  185. Article: Is Safety planned into your organisations activities?
  186. Article: What is Reservoir Engineering ?
  187. Article: Selection of pump
  188. Article: Shell tube design
  189. Article: control valve sizing spreadsheets
  190. Article: Lightning Protection of Structures on water.
  191. Article: Gas expansion temperature
  192. Article: Recycle Stream Problem in Hysys
  193. Article: Reservoir Engineering
  194. book needed
  195. vapor-liquid-solid equilibrium with Prode Properties and Excel 64
  196. Piping Design Engineer
  197. Why do they use A106/A53?
  198. Article: Simulation of h2s removal membrane
  199. Article: produced water discharge temperature limit
  200. Article: Gas flow rate inside Pipeline
  201. Article: Hole cleaning in wells with different annuli
  202. Article: Hysys Urea plant modelling
  203. Article: How to calibrated Vortex flow meter.
  204. Article: flood a tank
  205. Article: flooding tank calculation
  206. Article: Mass Flow Meter Problem (Coriolis)
  207. Transmission Line Reference Book
  208. thermal design of air cooled heatexchanger
  209. Article: Difference between Pressure elief Valve and Thermal Relief Valves
  210. Article: Water Overflow Pipe Sizing
  211. Article: Use Phast 6.53 to model consequences
  212. Article: Pulsation at Flare
  213. Article: Electrical Tester
  214. Article: valve schedule consolidation spreadsheet
  215. Article: Project management templates - very useful
  216. Article: Basic Piping Material Chart :)
  217. Article: Re: Line Sizing spreadsheet with single Phase & Two Phase Flow
  218. Article: Flow Assurance-Design
  219. Article: Flow Assurance - Transient Flow
  220. Need Urgentlt.........Heat Exchanger Design HandBook by T.Kuppan
  221. NACE CIP Level 1&2 _ 2011
  222. Thank you
  223. Api 650
  224. excel files for piping fittings ,calculations ,manual piping etc who can share tanks
  225. Article: Hydrocarbon Losses Quantification (Low Pressure Storage)
  226. Article: Hazard Analysis Techniques for System Safety
  227. Article: Controller schedulling in OLGA
  228. Article: PVT validation - Gas Retrograde
  229. Article: Re: C7+ characterization
  230. Article: Step-by-step tuning of lab data (oil) using PVTSim
  231. Article: Piping codes wallpaper
  232. Article: Separated earthing system
  233. Article: Need help for using material balance to calculate the pressure
  234. Complete ASPE Code
  235. Article: Transmission of Sound Inside Pipes
  236. Article: Complete access to all Features of the petroleum community forums
  237. liquid density of mixtures, Peneloux vs. extended EOS
  238. Coment to new rule "Complete access to all Features.... "
  240. Cost Engineering & Contract Law Books
  241. Article: محسوب : مرسي ممثل الإرادة الشعبية وهي أقوى من الشرطة وفوق الجيش
  242. Fluid Properties in Excel 64 bits with PRODE
  243. Commissioning LC M60 PD Meters
  244. Cost Estimating
  245. PipeNET v.1.6
  246. Subsurface geological mapping
  247. PSV and piping sizing for critical and/or vapor-liquid flows with PRODE
  248. Article: Process Safety Messages for Manufacturing Personnel
  249. Article: Vapor cloud explosion-slug catcher area in a gas plant
  250. Article: Horizontal Well Test Analysis- Linear Flow