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  1. Article: Coreplug water saturation (CSW)
  2. Article: Safe distance for electrical instalation board
  3. Article: Need Help in Hysys Simulation of Natural Gas Compression
  4. Article: Petroleum Community Toolbar
  5. Article: How to tune Fetkovich analytic aquifer in Eclipse using AQUFETP and AQUANCON
  6. Article: Help needed with Relative permebility Curves
  7. Article: Well test beginner question
  8. Article: Conversion of CO2 to CO
  9. Article: Difference between flanges made from plate and forging
  10. Article: Solving Water Problem
  11. Article: How to write the Report for the Repair Work - Heat Exchanger
  12. Article: Tank 2.5
  13. Article: PSV sizing for gas blowby case
  14. Article: Question With PQR Urgent!
  15. Article: fusible plugs Location
  16. Article: Offshore field development
  17. Article: Process Equipment Performance Improvement
  18. Article: price of reservoire engineering softwares
  19. Article: Petroleum Community Facebook Application
  20. Article: fusible plugs Location
  21. Article: Typical overall refinery flow diagram
  22. Article: Typical processing of raw natural gas
  23. Article: How to Seperate a same boiling point mixture.
  24. Article: undergraduate, recomend a software to start
  25. Article: Producing time, Horner, MBA
  26. Article: Expandable Casing
  27. Article: Production Forecast from Log WOR vs Np Graph.
  28. Article: expansion calculation
  29. Article: CLadded vessels heat treatment
  30. Article: aspen sumilation
  31. Article: Chemicals used in CDU
  32. Article: questions !
  33. Article: Estimate drainage Area for vertical well
  34. Article: Relative Permeability Question
  35. Article: Effect of Choke size on GAS PVT sampling?
  36. Article: Skin temperature
  37. Article: Hysys Pipesys problem
  38. Article: How much does it cost to refine a barrel of oil
  39. Article: instrument for the method of statement
  40. Article: Well test interpretation
  41. Article: Downhole sizes
  42. Article: Realtion between pressure and area ?
  43. Article: Separators
  44. Article: Conversion Of Dry Gas Analysis To Wet Gas & Dew Point @ Discharge
  45. Article: Continuous atm Disdtillation of Kerosene to white spirit
  46. Article: Pipeline Pigging
  47. Article: Types of Fluid Flow Meters
  48. Article: Dew Point >> Reservoir Pressure
  49. Article: Vertical Turbine Pump Problem (Pumping Propylene)
  50. Article: Flue Gas De-Sulfurisation
  51. Article: النفط الخام - كيميائياً
  52. Article: Separators
  53. Article: Pressure drop in pipe
  54. Article: ISA Instrumentation Codes in Process Control Systems
  55. Article: Ammonium Nitrate data bank
  56. Article: CO2 pipeline transport
  57. Article: Upscaling techniques - renormalization/half cell
  58. Article: Phase Envelope Software
  59. Article: manometer with photocell
  60. Article: Need some help about hydrates
  61. Article: Phase Diagram
  62. Article: Features of Pipesim with Base Package
  63. Article: static gradient
  64. Article: Fired heater
  65. Article: Pipe line failure statistics
  66. Article: Crude oil specification
  67. Article: Syngas Treatment
  68. Article: Current challenges in subsea engineering to study in a Fluids Dyn. Lab (wate
  69. Article: Cold Spring Procedure
  70. Article: Petrel Fine GRid model
  71. Article: Re: phast model
  72. Article: PV ELITE VS Visual Vessel Design form OHTECH
  73. Article: Utilities for PDS Project Creation
  74. Article: منهجية إبداعية في استثمار الخلود
  75. Article: Confined Space Entry ,BP Guidelines
  76. Article: Korean regulations for pressure vessels
  77. Article: Tank Cooling Water Spray Application Rates
  78. Article: Re: Air-cooled heat exchangers
  79. Article: please advise pressure deletion
  80. Article: Low Temp double wall tank internal inspection - required?
  81. Article: Ball Screw Actuator NEN ISO 3408
  82. Article: CGM – Craig-Geffen-Morse Analytical Waterflood Method
  83. Article: phast model
  84. Article: material balance
  85. Article: control loops in one dcs card
  86. Article: currents and waves effect ?
  87. Article: New in the Petroleum Industry
  88. Article: Re: Drilling Problems
  89. Article: Flash fire_need help_phast 6.54
  90. Article: what do you think about?
  91. Article: Why can’t Pump be used for gases?
  92. Article: Aspen Capital Cost Estimator (formerly Aspen KBase)
  93. Article: OLGA with Shut-in, Start-up, MEGtracking model
  94. Article: Total field optimization, Need Suggestions!
  95. Article: Gas Lift Chart Behaviour
  96. Article: Short-circuit calculation at load powered from the UPS
  97. Article: Noise Prediction of flare system
  98. Article: Any Recommendations on Water Spray of a Vessel
  99. Article: Need Help for Risk Analysis with DNV's Phast Risk Software
  100. Article: Subsea Pipeline Flow - Blockage Detection
  101. Article: Goodies-- free licenses for 100 trials
  102. Article: Help for thesis paper result analysis
  103. Article: Carbamate leakage from Stripper outlet line
  104. Article: Re: Flammable Vapour Cloud Distance
  105. Article: Corrosion of pipeline near cooling tower
  106. Article: Corrosion of pipeline near cooling tower
  107. Article: Challanging Question for all Reservoir Engineer
  108. Article: On Site Emergency Plan
  109. Article: Importing data from Excel to Hysys as input
  110. Article: Risk Solver Platform for Excel from Frontline Systems
  111. Article: Jet pump design for mixing in offsite storage tanks
  112. Article: Area calculation in Petrel
  113. Article: Rectangular sump pump box design check
  114. Article: Relative permeability for gas condensate fields
  115. Article: oil and gas coalescer
  116. Article: Well test interpretation
  117. Article: Injection wells in Prosper
  118. Article: Error in PHAST 6.54
  119. Article: H2S and CO2 Sampling
  120. Article: Why Use GIS in Petroleum
  121. Article: Exploration of Gas Hydrates: Geophysical Techniques by Thakur
  122. Article: tray design manual
  123. Article: Aquifer Strength and initial reservoir pressure
  124. Article: well strange behavior
  125. Article: need to welding machine calibration procedure
  126. Article: I have Question
  127. Article: Difference between Cause & effect and Control Narratives
  128. Article: Gas Lift Chart Behaviour
  129. Article: need help about these questions
  130. Article: phast risk - in-building release of fuel scenerio
  131. Article: Hydrogen Sulphibe Probit Function
  132. Article: Ask : Problem in Modelling JT valve AspenHYSYS
  133. Article: Adding an equation to a condition
  134. Article: Estimation of flow rate
  135. Article: Cubic Plus Association model
  136. Article: Cubic Plus Association model
  137. Article: Acid Clay Process
  138. Article: Well test interpretation
  139. Article: installing ESDV at the departing pipeline of well pad area (one well only)
  140. Article: help me to answer the question please
  141. Article: Petrel, Velocity Model and depth correction of horizon
  142. Article: Problem about Pipephase
  143. Article: help for pipephase,please
  144. Article: Pipe washout.
  145. Article: Tubing pressure higher than casing one
  146. Article: Casing Design Calculation Spreadsheet
  147. Article: Well head pressure @ zero flow rate
  148. Article: Simulation of Cyclic Steam Stimulation Process
  149. Article: Marginal gor definition and its role in decline analysis
  150. Article: Simulation of Cyclic Steam Stimulation Process
  151. Article: how to simulated a NBR plant on Hysys
  152. Article: MCCB and minimum cable cross-section area based on I5S < If min criteria..
  153. Article: Problem with OLGA 7 tutorial
  154. Article: Re: An overview of the oil industry and its history
  155. Article: Casing selection in presence of CO2 and H2S
  156. Article: Stripping tank and trip tank
  157. Article: HYSYS tray parameter changed but rersult does not...
  158. Article: المبادلات الحرارية Heat Exchangers
  159. Article: المنتديات الهندسية العربية .. بين الواقع والطموح
  160. Article: Orifice Calculation
  161. Article: pump discharge pressure and orifice
  162. Article: Re: Welding normative
  163. Article: [ Request ] VCF table 54B for diesel fuel in Excel
  164. Article: ASME B31.3 Process Piping Course Training Material
  165. Article: Subsea Pipeline End Expansion Calculation
  166. Article: Centrifual Compressure inspection and test in manufacture shop
  167. Article: Re: Methods of Hydraulic Fracturing
  168. Article: Re: static refraction correction
  169. Article: Re: Olga 7.0.0.
  170. Article: SIL study of F&G system
  171. Article: تجميعه جميله لكل اسطوانات رمضان
  172. Article: saddle pressure vessel
  173. Article: Need Data related to Petroleum Refineries
  174. Article: how to model a blow down scenario with Prode Properties
  175. Article: Corrosion of tubes in air-cooled heat exchanger
  176. Article: Flash point calculation
  177. Article: American Petroleum Institute Makes Safety Standards Available to Public Onli
  178. Article: Designing of Knockout Drums
  179. Article: I want to use fracman but..
  180. Article: Books, documentaries and popsicles
  181. Article: Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers Construction Details
  182. Article: Restriction Orifice
  183. Article: pipenet transient model arv and anti surge valve location
  184. Article: Tie-in Spool Connection between Riser and Pipeline
  185. Article: Procedure for PAUT
  186. Article: developing saturation height function
  187. Article: Naturally Fractured REservoirs
  188. Article: Depressurization philosophy
  189. Article: Liquids Expander
  190. Article: How to convert *.vue file to *.dri file?
  191. Article: Study of emergency shutdown system
  192. Article: Schlumberger Petrel and Eclipse help
  193. Article: Centrifugal Pumps and Viscosity
  194. Article: firewater system design with pipephase
  195. Article: Material and Energy Balance
  196. Article: what‘s the difference between degasser and deaerator?
  197. Article: OLGA software Wax deposit Model
  198. Article: Offshore Pipeline Free Span Analysis
  199. Article: HYSYS and Hg?
  200. Article: is there any difference between chemical and process engineer?
  201. Article: Engineering and Procurement !!!!
  202. Article: Re: Offshore Pipeline Free Span Analysis
  203. Article: Problem with Eclipse100
  204. Article: Motor starter and starting current
  205. Article: Where to start Pressure Vessel Design
  206. Article: Lifting Lug Design for pressure vessel
  207. Article: 4 questions about gas plant!
  208. Article: Estimating Oil and Gas Composition
  209. Article: OLGA training
  210. Article: alternative for the hydro-testing
  211. Article: Re: Igeoss Structural Geology Software
  212. Article: How to choose the best location of new development well in the model?
  213. Article: well shut due to hydraulic intersection
  214. Article: Three Phases seperation
  215. Article: Calculation of BaSO4 percentage
  216. Article: Air cooler design with Aspen EDR (unequal air flow distribution)
  217. Article: how to decide optimum production rate in a certain well after VFP modeling?
  218. Article: Solution of Chemical Process Safety 2E
  219. Article: What type of blasting can i use?
  220. Article: Some questions
  221. Article: Pipenet exercise
  222. Article: Reservoir Pressure Calculation
  223. Article: Three Phases seperation
  224. Article: TANK Bottom Repair as per API653
  225. Article: Waterflooding: Where to put my injection wells?
  226. Article: Inter-Distance between two flare stacks
  227. Article: question about the SIMOPS
  228. Article: two-phase psv sizing with direct integration HEM Homogeneous Equilibrium Mod
  229. Article: Satration height constants
  230. Article: Question: Replace or repair?
  231. Article: How to change Coordinate system of 2D lines in petrel
  232. Article: Fire Zone Consideration For Finger Type Slug Catcher
  233. Article: Importing Surfer grid file to Eclipse
  234. Article: Standards and Practices For Maintenance of Plant instrumentation
  235. Article: Flow assurance project
  236. Article: Question about what employers are looking for in prospective entry-level eng
  237. Article: Please suggest COMPLETION and PRODUCTION fundamental book
  238. Article: Pipesim: What is going wrong?
  239. Article: Well test data
  240. Article: Friction pressure loss in hot fluid. questiong
  241. Article: how to do a best well tie?
  242. Article: Oil well location
  243. Article: Piping in FEED?
  244. Article: Need career advice.
  245. Article: Re: OLI alliance for HYSYS
  246. Article: Equivalent material
  247. Article: Re: Pipesim Training Course
  248. Article: Pitting Corrosion
  249. Article: Locating a scrubbeer & heat exchanger.
  250. Article: All About Vacuum and Related Systems