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  1. Article: Exploration Well - What information is gathered?
  2. Article: Radiographic inspection
  3. Article: Help Me solving these SUCKER ROD PUMPING Numericals
  4. Article: Gas Mixtures
  5. Article: Eclipse Model Calibtaion: How to do it?
  6. Article: manifolds location optimization
  7. Article: Natural gas Chinese regulations
  8. Article: Heat Exchanger Thermal Design Methodology
  9. Article: Data regression [Aspen One]
  10. Article: Newbie in PIPESIM: Calibrating the model
  11. Article: Level transmitters discrepancy
  12. Article: antifreeze agents in sprinkler system
  13. Article: Maximum Design Temperature for Flare Network Feb 2011
  14. Article: الخطبة النارية للعلامة د/يوسف القرضاوي في جمعة الرحيل
  15. Article: Sea Water - Pipe Material for Fire Fighting System ?
  16. Article: Depresurisation of Pipeline via Orifice
  17. Article: لا ترى الشرق يرفع الرأس بعدي
  18. Article: عمر سليمان يعلن تنحي مبارك عن منصبه & فرحة المصريين بعد تنحي مبارك ‏-فيديو--
  19. Article: باسم الله (استمع لملحمة النصر
  20. Article: SandProduction
  21. Article: لا ترى الشرق يرفع الرأس بعدي
  22. Article: Aspen dynamic problem
  23. Article: خطبة جمعة النصر للدكتور القرضاوي من ميدان التحرير
  24. Article: Diesel Storage and Reticulation
  25. Article: protection for the buried pipe
  26. Article: Reservoir simulation model initialization
  27. Article: oil spill dispersant
  28. Article: Using Condensate LPG data into Mbal
  29. Article: required current density derating due to surface temperature
  30. Article: Reliability of HYSYS crude blending and...
  31. Article: Heat Exchanger Fabrication Question?
  32. Article: Average Life-Span of a Well (Oil and Gas)
  33. Article: scale inhibition in oil fields
  34. Article: Choke size while coiled tube lifting a well with nitrogen
  35. Article: scale inhibition in oil fields
  36. Article: Oil Particle Size Dstribution
  37. Article: Process Piping - Key Facts on Process Piping Design (Interesting)
  38. Article: Gas metering correction (orifice plate), when beta ratio is out of range
  39. Article: Gas Compressibility Calculation
  40. Article: Sulfur Recovery Unit
  41. Article: Sour Water system
  42. Article: I hate Instrumentation
  43. Article: لماذا نعم للتعديلات الدستورية؟ ملف كامل مقالات- ندوات- فيديو
  44. Article: لماذا نعم للتعديلات الدستورية؟ ملف كامل مقالات- ندوات- فيديو
  45. Article: Electrical Continuity Tests on Inflamable Atmospheric Tanks
  46. Article: 3D Animation of gas plant
  47. Article: Coating in storage tank
  48. Article: Flowmeter for custody transfer
  49. Article: Sand filling
  50. Article: الله أكبر - أغنية للثورة السورية 15 آذار 2011
  51. Article: Water Hammer & Slug Force
  52. Article: Help to gas collection from unman platform
  53. Article: evaluating the processing capacity of a seperator
  54. Article: Flame scanner-help me!!!
  55. Article: Aspen Convergence Tolerance ?
  56. Article: OLGA vs HYSYS
  57. Article: Automatic Tank Gauging: FMCW vrs. Pulse Radars
  58. Article: Sizing Of Horizontal Separators
  59. Article: Experience in Disc Pumps
  60. Article: Pipesim: What is going wrong?
  61. Article: oil water separation (equipment sizing)
  62. Article: pipe sizing help
  63. Article: Evaluating Lube Oil Cooler
  64. Article: Adiabatic Depressuring using HYSYS
  65. Article: Workover in heavy oils, well performance reduction
  66. Article: C# Hysys Extension Unit Operator Error
  67. Article: Vertical Lift Curves (VLP/VFP) for Prosper
  68. Article: (ask) analysis using caesar 5.1 ? for HDPE pipe ?
  69. Article: facing problem in petral
  70. Article: Level 1,2,3,4&5 in project planning
  71. Article: Newbie in PIPESIM: Calibrating the model
  72. Article: Adiabatic Depressuring using HYSYS
  73. Article: Hysys Vs ChemCad Vs Aspen plus Vs ProII
  74. Article: Gasketed Joint Bolt Pattern Design
  75. Article: discuss varios scheme used for atmospheric distillation of crude oil ?
  76. Article: PVTi Phase plots
  77. Article: Leak off Test
  78. Article: Oil-Water interfacial tesnion in CMG
  79. Article: Inhouse development
  80. Article: well test procedures
  81. Article: Thermal conductivity
  82. Article: Hydrate Inhibitors Question
  83. Article: Scope of work for Lump Sum Turnkey Project
  84. Article: Help with hysys case please
  85. Article: Problem with FORGAS
  86. Article: Reading flow on recording charts
  87. Article: Pump Head Estimation - Need Help
  88. Article: Non- equalising Down hole safety valve in gas well
  89. Article: Valve Seat
  90. Article: What kind of protection shoul I use in zone 1?
  91. Article: Gas Lift Optimization
  92. Article: VB and ProE WildFire 4
  93. Article: WAG ratio for mobility control ina HC miscible gas flood???
  94. Article: Chemical formulas of common compounds
  95. Article: Tank Venting Calculations
  96. Article: Distinguish between the standard and code
  97. Article: Engineering Manhour Estimate
  98. Article: Pump Hydrostatic Test - NPA 1901
  99. Article: Caisson Sizing
  100. Article: Slug Catcher Sizing
  101. Article: High temperature in boiler wall
  102. Article: Key Performance Indicators
  103. Article: Very trick problem with pump
  104. Article: ergent help required: concentrated nitric acid plant (aspen)
  105. Article: absorber simulation with reaction using apen
  106. Article: Fuel gas system - start up by gas inlet from 1st stage separator
  107. Article: Transformer output voltage
  108. Article: مكتبة كتب رائعة جدا جدا جدا.....
  109. Article: HFO Tank Sizing-H/D Ratio
  110. Article: Cathodic Protection for Bare Steel Pipe
  111. Article: Simple Black Oil Matching
  112. Article: Jacketed Vessel Design (design of dimple jackets)
  113. Article: Half Cell
  114. Article: Nitrogen Gas Reservoirs
  115. Article: corrosion coupon services
  116. Article: Schematic Diagram
  117. Article: The classification of mechanical seals.
  118. Article: Flow Master Urgent Help needed...!
  119. Article: designing of Bubble column reactor
  120. Article: How design a Skimmer Tank?
  121. Article: Process troubleshooting suggestion
  122. Article: الطفل الحي حمزة الخطيب - يحيى حوى
  123. Article: calculation of flow through a slot
  124. Article: What is Permeability Ratio Kc/Kf
  125. Article: Hysys Air Stream
  126. Article: Pressure test duration time of valves
  127. Article: Completion With 4''1/2 & 9''5/8 Casings
  128. Article: Represent Offshore Pipeline In Hysys
  129. Article: Qualify welder
  130. Article: Number of stacked pipe in stockyard
  131. Article: Dead time in aspen dynamics
  132. Article: MEtering Pump seal leakage
  133. Article: Thickness gauging of Pipe
  134. Article: Pressure relief valve / safety valve in steam line of boiler
  135. Article: Pipeline Crossing
  136. Article: hot to control flow of the well through tubing & Anulus
  137. Article: how to deifne parameters of Baker-strehlow model in PHAST 6.54?
  138. Article: Difference between Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and fabrication/const
  139. Article: Corrosion in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Operations
  140. Article: Cost reduction distillation
  141. Article: Pipeline installation - Simulation
  142. Article: Economic Evaluation (Well Stimulation)
  143. Article: saturation in simulation
  144. Article: Multiphase flow pressure drop trough downhole choke calculation
  145. Article: Dead time in aspen dynamics
  146. Article: Help with HP pump for smal flow
  147. Article: strange gas volume factor (Bg) in gas condensate field
  148. Article: Mean Temperature Difference in Multipass Exchangers - Gas AirHeater Boiler
  149. Article: Underbalance perforation!
  150. Article: Flow sub & Surge disk sub!
  151. Article: Corrosion while opening heat exchanger
  152. Article: Regression in PVTsim
  153. Article: Heat Exchanger: Corrosion & Failure
  154. Article: Slug Catcher Multi Finger Balancing line
  155. Article: [ Help ] How to Determine Pressure Drop in PipeSim
  156. Article: Gas flow rate through Gas lift Valve
  157. Article: tubing pressure communication
  158. Article: check valve in boiler output
  159. Article: CO2 injection into depleted oil zones using ECLIPSE
  160. Article: Vapor Pressure
  161. Article: The power gained by fluid from operating pumps or fans
  162. Article: geoservices mudlogging problems
  163. Article: Static Pressure and Pressure Head in Fluids
  164. Article: Valve Types for Specific Services
  165. Article: Pipesim GLR Tab
  166. Article: Centrifugal Pump shaft jammed
  167. Article: Few thermodynamics questions. really need help .exam in 2 days please :(
  168. Article: طارق سويدان: الثورات العربية أعظم الجهاد
  169. Article: Centrifugal pump systems tips
  170. Article: Ecrin Sapire input data
  171. Article: Question, preparing the petroleum vessels after finishing test
  172. Article: Ecrin Sapire input data
  173. Article: Heat Exchanger Header Box Design
  174. Article: HYSYS Grand Composite Curve, ColdBox, Demethanizer. HELP
  175. Article: Heat Exchanger Fabrication Question?
  176. Article: Load Shedding Calculation
  177. Article: Pressure relief valve requirement
  178. Article: What Is Human Resources Planning?
  179. Article: Tips for motivate your employees
  180. Article: Initial water saturation - Eclipse
  181. Article: Represent Offshore Pipeline In Hysys
  182. Article: Pipes and Fittings Standards
  183. Article: Help me with olga spt
  184. Article: Pipeline Slugging
  185. Article: Winnozl help - Selecting vessel diameter
  186. Article: FLow calculation with Orifice ?
  187. Article: Washing after Blasting
  188. Article: How to predict the temperature drop after a valve on PRO-II 9.0?
  189. Article: Mechanical Run of pumps
  190. Article: Production Data Analysis for Electric Submersible Pumped (ESP) Wells
  191. Article: PROBLEM: Compositional simulation of 4 reservoirs (1 gas-condensate, 3 black
  192. Article: What I need to become Drilling Engineer?
  193. Article: Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) parameters
  194. Article: Q: What is the procedure to prepare a new petroleum vessel to be in operatio
  195. Article: Compressor Air Pressure Drop Calculation
  196. Article: difference between Node and Boundary Node in Pipesim
  197. Article: Maximum allowable film temperature for crude oil
  198. Article: Pipeline Hydro Test Pressure Determination
  199. Article: What is the difference between these basic terms
  200. Article: Controlling shell and tube exchangers
  201. Article: The most important world wide steel pipe standardization organizations
  202. Article: On/Off Controller with Chemcad
  203. Article: What is difference between code and standard and specification
  204. Article: density of fluid?
  205. Article: density of fluid?
  206. Article: Desert Survival
  207. Article: What is difference between code and standard and specification
  208. Article: OLGA Buried pipe
  209. Article: Pipeline Hydro Test Pressure Determination
  210. Article: Suggestions of a fluid package
  211. Article: production packer in artificial lift wells
  212. Article: Heartbeat provider has stopped FTE status can not be determin Honeywell DCS
  213. Article: Difference between free gas and liberated gas
  214. Article: Fire Fighting SIL study
  215. Article: Important question for Cable Laying
  216. Article: FGS System Lay Out for Gas Trrbine & Cogen Plant
  217. Article: problem of increasing the vibration of main blower in sulfuric acid regenera
  218. Article: Fire Fighting SIL study
  219. Article: Quick determination of moisture under insulation to detect CUI--> Interested
  220. Article: Simulators Used in Petroleum Engineering Universities/ Colleges
  221. Article: Area calculation in Petrel
  222. Article: Designing of Knockout Drums
  223. Article: crude pipeline loop location
  224. Article: FRP flange torque calculation
  225. Article: PROBLEM: Compositional simulation of 4 reservoirs (1 gas-condensate, 3 black
  226. Article: Production Study Problem
  227. Article: Safety integrity level
  228. Article: Quick determination of moisture under insulation to detect CUI--> Interested article
  229. Article: Ship Collision Risk
  230. Article: The oil compressibility in the saturate reservior?
  231. Article: Difference between API 579(2000) and API 579(2007)
  232. Article: API 510 Questions... Assistance please
  233. Article: material balance
  234. Article: How to custamize drawing templates for ASPEN Shell & Tube Mechanical
  235. Article: How to calculate time required to attain equilibrium conditions in OLGA
  236. Article: NACE, SSPC or other membership?
  237. Article: Amine unit/ Gas sweetening plant material selection
  238. Article: Oil desalting process in Hysys
  239. Article: refractory and heat looses for furnace
  240. Article: refractory and heat looses for furnace
  241. Article: Coning
  242. Article: Lectures in Prestressed Concrete Structures_Mediafire
  243. Article: Absorber with hysys
  244. Article: Utilizing Flare Gas
  245. Article: Coning
  246. Article: Carbon dioxide injection to algal cultivation pond
  247. Article: Oil prices: different types of presenting prices
  248. Article: gas lift operation in eclipse?
  249. Article: Blowdown Valve Sizing Criteria for Finger Type Slug Catcher
  250. Article: [questions] impact strength of concrete