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  1. Systematic Methods of Chemical Process Design - Biegler
  2. Required: typical Ethyl Acetate Plant , plot plan, preliminary design documents
  3. Chemical Engineering Magazine Article Request
  4. ZSM-5 Synthesis - Biomass Pyrolysis Catalyst
  5. Process heat transfer book needed!!!
  6. Process Technology Equipment and Systems by: Charles E. Thomas
  7. Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering by: Uttam Ray Chaudhuri
  8. Looking for the book: Carbon Dioxide Recovery and Utilization by M. Aresta
  9. Air-Sensitive Vacuum Distillation
  10. Axial Compressors
  11. Axial flow compressors:
  12. Air-sensitive vacuum distillation Mass Transfer Operations
  13. Boiling point ( Effect of temperature and pressure on Boiling point) Boiling point
  14. Boyle's Law(Statement,Equation,Limitations)
  15. Mass transfer operations
  16. Butane Dehidrogenation
  17. need help Astm D7566
  18. PFD of Snamprogetti Urea Process
  19. Liquid Filtration 2nd Ed - Cheremisinoff
  20. Powder Technology Handbook 3rd Ed, by Hiroaki Masuda
  21. Shell Flawless Startup initiative
  22. [ASK] Calculate silica in steam
  23. please share for "adsorption equilibrium data handbook"
  24. Reactor Design Ebooks
  25. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry 7th edition
  26. Gas Flare System and Incinerator (Thermal oxidizer)
  27. PG Diploma in Petro chemical Engineering
  28. CheckPoint Chemical Injection Pumps
  29. BG/ SBLC specifically for lease
  30. CAD Utility Autosac Needed Urgently
  31. Need Plant Commissioning book
  32. Sciencedirect.com account requested
  33. astm e291-04 standard required
  34. Aquired Ammonia Proses steam reformer detail design P&ID, 2D/3D drawings
  35. Diagram for Ammonium sulfate in solution
  36. Execution plan
  37. I need some Science Direct papers
  38. Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment
  39. Chemical Engineering Distillation Guidebook
  40. isight, isight FD
  41. Request for Thermal Desalination Process Software
  42. Carbamate leakage from Stripper outlet line
  43. PIP standard required
  44. Gas vaporizer data sheet
  45. Used Lube Oil Re-Refining
  46. Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Chemical Processes (CD Needed)
  47. Basic Technology and Tools in Chemical Engineering Field
  48. I have Question
  49. Esso / Exxon Fertilizer Maintenance Manual
  50. Introduction to Industrial Polyethylene_Dennis B. Malpass
  51. The Physical Chemist's Toolbox, 2 edition By Robert M. Metzger_2012
  52. Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry
  53. Hydraulic Institute Books
  54. Paper in HP 1999 Urgent
  55. Looking for: Membranes Technology ebook Collection
  56. Process Safety KPIs (Excel file with formulae)
  57. Laboratory Safety For Chemistry Students_Robert H. HILL, JR. & David C. FINSTER
  58. Sciencedirect; i need help for a paper on sciencedirect
  59. Looking for a book set: Membrane Engineering for the Treatment of Gases
  60. coade caesar ii 5.3
  61. Petrolchemical Test Method
  62. Bromine number
  63. Technique de l'ingenieur, request for documents
  64. Papers from Springerlink.com
  65. Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering by: Uttam Ray Chaudhuri
  66. glycol-water distillation
  67. Thermodynamics - Various
  68. Chemical Engineering Books
  69. Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities
  70. 2012 Gas Processes Handbook
  71. Industrial High Pressure Applications
  72. Analytical Troubleshooting of Process Machinery and Pressure Vessels: Including Real-
  73. Applied Mathematics And Modeling For Chemical Engineers, Second Edition
  74. Chemical Reactor Analysis and Applications for the Practicing Engineer
  75. How to create a new component in HTRI
  76. Spiral Plate Heat Exchengers
  77. PetroFlare - Free Flare Design Software
  78. Process Engineering Problem Solving
  79. Recent Advances in Sustainable Process Design and Optimization
  80. REQUEST:Piping Design Guides
  81. Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes
  82. Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering
  83. Absorption and Stripping
  84. Ludwig's Applied Process Design for Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
  85. Chemical Engineering Magazines
  86. Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Mass Transfer: Chemical Engineering Practice
  87. Solutions Manual Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers, Fifth Edition
  88. engineering thermodynamics by shapiro and moran
  89. Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Books
  90. Basics of ammonia plant
  91. Chemical Process Equipment Selection and Design, Third Edition
  92. Gas Dehydration Field Manual
  93. Books Related to various Engineering Discipline
  94. PVC Simulator
  95. Need a hand in picking my bachelor's degree theme
  96. PTFE powder where I find it in Egypt
  97. Can anyone suggest a book or provide any information
  98. Ludwig's Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  99. De-ethanizer sizing
  100. solution manual to applied mathematics and modeling 4 chemical engineers by Do- Rice
  101. PVC Handbook
  102. Hydrocarbon Processing’s Petrochemical Processes 2010 handbook(new link)
  103. Stichlmair Method and Packed Bed height
  104. Prediction of history buried sediments
  105. Design Project Structure and Procedure
  106. Iso 14224
  107. Construction of distillation column grand composite curve (CGCC)
  108. Required ASTM Standard - ETBE Explanation.
  109. Process Engineering Design Manuals
  110. API Update
  111. good day
  112. Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation
  113. Tool-Box Active Sheet for Chemical Engineers
  114. Catalyst Magazine
  115. Cadworx 2012
  116. The best way (practice) to put the key plates in a Door Sheet in a API Tank.
  117. API RP 2001-2012, Nineth Edition
  118. Nfpa- 30
  119. Process Compressor handbook
  120. Chemical Process by Smith. Solution Manual?
  121. Book Ullmann's 7th edition
  122. BS 3692 standard
  123. Looking for storage tank standard AS1940 2006
  124. Ammonia Production process
  125. UNIDO Fertilizer Manual
  126. Api rp 2001-2012
  127. Polymer Production
  128. Steam -----er simultaion/evalution
  129. The SHELL Bitumen Handbook, Fifth Edition
  130. UniSim Design Suite
  131. Crane Technical Paper fluid flow book required!
  132. Ageing Plant
  133. Chemical Engineering magazine - May 2013
  134. Start up procedure
  135. how to calc Steel Stacks
  136. Chemical Product Design
  137. Dimethly ether process
  138. Api 550
  139. Purge Gas
  140. need detail process on refinary
  141. API 1104 20th ed. Study Guide
  142. Mechanical design of storage tank structure
  143. Android
  144. FEED & DEtail Engineering
  145. ethylene production
  146. Petrochemical Plants Effluent wastewater
  147. Petrochemicals Project Management
  148. Azeotrope distillation in Hysys
  149. Gas Group - II A/II B or II C??
  150. How to calculate coil heat exchanger
  151. Process Innovation
  152. Request nozzle pro
  153. column overhead condenser piping design
  154. Working Solution Consumption Factors
  155. safety in design
  156. [Urgently required] Guide for inspection of refinery equipment
  157. UREA Production
  158. Nylon properties and Rotary dryers
  159. PV Elite Tutorials
  160. Ethane storage
  161. Recommendable software for chemical composition
  162. Inspection refinery equipment-API
  163. Ammonia Process
  164. Pressure relief Valve set pressure
  165. Off gas in the network
  166. Lurgi Standards
  167. Anyone have the Paint and Testing Coatings Manual edition 15?
  168. Catalysis for Alternative Energy Generation
  169. Design basis of ASU unit
  170. Hysys Software
  171. Butadiene Technology - Need Process Description...
  172. VCM Process
  173. Aspen one 7.3 Installation
  174. Distillation by Van Winkle
  175. Petrochemical operations management
  176. Metyl Ethyl Ketone turns yellow
  177. Continuos thermodynamic to simulation of products of petroleum
  178. Hysys Simmulations For Ammonia Plant
  179. Primary Reformer Tube Nipping
  180. books for piping stress engineering
  181. Analysis, Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes - Turton et Al
  182. Hello
  183. isomerization parraffin
  184. Difference between Unisim and Hysys
  185. maleic anhydride
  186. thermodynamic
  187. I need this book
  188. Technical Calculation and Estimation Man Hour Manual
  189. Request|| LPG Tanks Design and safety
  190. Gas -----er (Ethylene) plant manuals
  191. Technical Calculation And Estimator's Man Hour Manual - Marko Bulic's 2003
  192. Estimators Piping Man-Hour Manual 5th. Ed. - John S. Page 1999
  193. Electrical Engineering Reference
  194. Ammonia water tank
  195. Material selection
  196. Thermal Spraying on Existing equipment
  197. sharing- PSA design
  198. What is the difference between HEM method and omega method for two phase PSV sizing?
  199. Book Ammonia
  200. Required : Russian Specifications Gost R52630 & PB-03-576-03
  201. Predict storage-tank heat transfer precisely
  202. HORSLEY, D. Process Plant Commissioning, a User Guide
  203. IBR piping calculations
  204. Production Of 1,4-Butanediol
  205. Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, 5th
  206. Chemical and Process Plant Commissioning Handbook - Killcross
  207. Unlock of Sulphonation Technology in the Detergent Industry Book
  208. Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics - Koretsky
  209. Liquid Filtration, 2nd Edition - Cheremisinoff
  210. Pressure Vessels Field Manual - Stewart
  211. Noise Reductionand calculation
  212. B16.5 2012 edition
  213. Polypropylene Plant
  214. Api 510
  215. OcÓn tojo- problemas de ingenierÍa quimica
  216. Nalco Water Handbook
  217. Nitrogen Breathing
  218. Help finding Cadworx 2013
  219. Is LPG considered incompressible?
  220. Changes to API 510 Testing
  221. Hysys book
  222. Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, Fifth Edition
  223. Furnace convection section leak identification test
  224. Process Development - Vogel
  225. Heat Exchanger Design on HTRi
  226. How tubes in a water tube, self supported boilers expand?
  227. Handbook of Sulphuric Acid (D. Louie)
  228. Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe - Stress Analysis
  229. Design Manufacturing Processes
  230. ethylene technology
  231. Pinch analysis
  232. Catalyst Handbook
  233. Pressure vessels and heat exchangers calculation software
  234. AWS D1.2 - Strutural Aluminum welding code
  235. Effect of inlet Temperature on Caustic Tower Operation in Ethane -----er Ethylene Pla
  236. Impeller Design
  237. Api 1104 21st edition
  238. calculating tube skin temperature in fired heaters
  239. AWWA C207, new edition of 2013 -who has it?
  240. Construction Quality Control Procedures (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical)
  241. Asme rtp 1
  242. Calculation of methane steam reformer wet gas composition and ATE
  243. protection standards/suggestions for ethylene craacker
  244. Fluidization and Solid Handling
  245. Non-catalytic reduction of ammonia to nitrogen
  246. Process Equipment Malfunctions: Techniques to Identify and Correct Plant Problems
  247. A p p l i e d process d e s i g n for chemical and petrochemical plants
  248. Watkins, Petroleum Refinery Distillation.
  249. Fluidization Engineering, Second Edition (Butterworths Series in Chemical Engineering
  250. Have You Got the Information of Impact Stone Crusher?