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  1. Technical Paper Sharing about Pressure Relieving and Depressuring System Design
  2. Engineering and chemical thermodynamics by Milo D. Koretsky
  3. Urgently required, Guide for inspection of refinery equipment
  4. Specification of swivel joint
  5. need technical article
  6. Plz need urgently nace mr-0103 rev. 2010
  7. plz help me with solution manual for this book i beg u
  8. Important Training Courses
  9. Help, help, and help please to find (Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engi
  10. Please required; simulation of Refining Process
  11. MR0103-2010, Materials Resistant to Sulfide Stress -----ing in Corrosive Petroleum...
  12. useful website
  13. Petroleum Refinery Economics
  14. Hydrocarbon Processing Article
  15. Question, preparing the petroleum vessels after finishing test
  16. Pressure relief valve requirement
  17. Refinery Training
  18. API 560 (2001) Fired Heaters Gen Refinery Service
  19. we offer our financial instrument- Buy/lease BG/SBLC/MTN/MT
  20. Tank related articles in Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine
  21. Petroleum Refining Processes (handbook)
  22. Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical language ( 3rd or 4th edition )
  23. Q: What is the procedure to prepare a new petroleum vessel to be in operation service
  24. Urgently required: the following BP Process safety series publications
  25. Maximum allowable film temperature for crude oil
  26. Process Equipment Malfunctions - Lieberman, Norman
  27. Condensate Pot
  28. Need 4th ed.Troubleshooting Process Operations.
  29. Request: Teach Yourself the Basics of Aspen Plus
  30. Borrow bg/sblc and finance your projects
  31. Plastic Piping Systems
  32. Worldwide Refinery Processing Review
  33. Any Bechtel process standard share or exchange
  34. Guidelines for P&ID Review , MSDS manual , Critical valve,flanges and lines
  35. NACE 0103 2010 and NACE 0175 latest edition
  36. Process Plant Construction: A Handbook for Quality Management
  37. Vedio Tutorial
  38. Properties of Oils and Natural Gases by Pedersen K.S., Fredenslund A., Thomassen P.
  39. vacuum pump suction head calculation
  40. refractory and heat looses for furnace
  41. How to bypass the VDU from CDU only in operation
  42. Design Aspects of Used Lubricating Oil Re-Refining - Firas Awaja
  43. Request: Corrosion Control in Crude Units
  44. Petroleum Refining Processes - Speight
  45. Thickness gauging of Exchanger tube
  46. Ultrasonic testing
  47. Request: ASTM E164
  48. How much does it cost to refine a barrel of oil
  49. Oil Refineries in the 21st Century by Ozren Ocic
  50. Request: LPG sphere
  51. Process Engineering Handbook (Rawlinsons)
  52. Swivel joint
  53. Dosing in CDU
  54. Request: ASTM E527
  55. Books Required
  56. Determining fireproofing dimensions.. please help me!
  57. Underground Diesel storage tank
  58. Ansi/hi 9.6.7, 2004" or "ansi/hi 9.6.7, 2010
  59. Request: API recommended practice
  60. Request: ASTM G205
  61. Chemicals used in CDU
  62. Skin temperature
  63. Pre-Feasibility Study
  64. Book - Optimizing Energy Efficiencies in Industry
  65. Design calculation of Storage tank supported on grillage required
  66. UOP VS Axens about CCR
  67. Aspen Manufacturing-process control
  68. Need plant Commissioning book.
  69. Process Design for reliable operation- lieberman book
  70. Vessel Thickness allowance
  71. Fired heater
  72. Steady State Simulation of an Oil Refinery Using Commercial Software
  73. Distillation and Other Industrial Separations (Practical Engineering Perspectives)
  74. "Process equipment malfunction by N lieberman".
  75. base oil group I
  76. Catalysis PTQ 2012
  77. Fundamentals of Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering NEEDED
  78. CONCEPTS IN SYNGAS MANUFACTURE by Jens Rostrup-Nielsen & Lars J Christiansen
  79. Recommend Books for Thermal Design
  80. absolute ethanol
  81. Fischer-Tropsch Refining by de Klerk
  82. Jet pump design for mixing in offsite storage tanks
  83. book-practical-advances-refinery
  84. Industrial Furnaces
  85. "Guide To Storage Tanks..." B. Long
  86. Acid Clay Process
  87. Latest Worldwide Refinery Survey
  88. Observed api gravity correction formula-required
  89. DISTILLATION TOWERS presentaion
  90. Hydraulic Institute Books
  91. Fundamental of Petroleum Refineries - Training Courses
  92. Handbook: Pressure Vessel Handbook by Eugene F. Megyesy_10th edition
  93. 2011 Refining Process Handbook
  94. 2 Paper from PTQ Please
  95. Distillation Design - Kister
  96. Very good Book in Refinery: Start to Search and Share it
  97. Performance of Multistage Separation Processes - Khoury
  98. pinch analysis
  99. Request for Crude Oil Assay
  100. Petrofac company documents
  101. Need Data related to Petroleum Refineries
  102. Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures
  103. Material and Energy Balance
  104. A Working Guide to Process Equipment
  105. Refinery Production performance KPIs
  106. Papers from Springerlink.com
  107. 2011 Refining Processes Handbook
  108. Minimum spacing for refineries, chemical plants and oil/gas facilities
  109. Venezuelan Refinery Under Scrutiny After Deadly Blaze
  110. sulphur magazine
  111. Help me with this papers from http://www.tandfonline.com/
  112. alternative for the hydro-testing
  113. Some questions
  114. Vertical and Horizontal Emulsion Treaters 5th Ed. 2008
  115. Question: Replace or repair?
  116. Request UOP corrosion manual
  117. Distillation and Vapor Pressure Measurement in Petroleum Products
  118. Process Design for Reliable Operations by Norman P.Lieberman
  119. VDU hysys simulation
  120. "Petroleum Engineering Handbook" ed. by Howard B. Bradley
  121. REQUEST EBOOK: Process Equipment Malfunctions by Norman Lieberman
  122. Waste water treatment plant
  123. Petroleum Engineering Handbook, 7 Volumes (T.L)
  124. Petroleum Refining Processes
  125. Spiral Plate Heat Exchangers
  126. Jon Gluyas, Richard Swarbrick, "Petroleum Geoscience"
  127. Above Ground Storage Tanks
  128. "Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining"
  129. Need help on plant layout audit check list
  130. Working Guide to Petroleum and Natural Gas Production Engineering
  131. The Shell Bituemen Industrial Handbook needed
  132. Hydrotreater simulation on HYSYS 3.2
  133. Petroleum Engineer's Guide to Oil Field Chemicals and Fluids
  134. Trapout ketlle design
  135. Article from Hydrocarbon Processing, about reboilers...
  136. UOP - Train Your Refinery Inspectors
  137. Asphaltenes: Chemical Transformation during Hydroprocessing of Heavy Oils
  138. Interfacial Properties of Petroleum Products
  139. Api rp 2009 Safe welding, cutting and other hot work practices
  140. Henry Kister Distillation-3books: Operation-Design-Troubleshooting
  141. De-ethanizer sizing
  142. Book Request- Petroleum Refinery Process Economics (Maples)
  143. Book require: Cavitation Reaction Engineering (The Plenum Chemical Engineering Series
  144. Do you have the NEW BOOK on Refining Engineering?
  145. Betz Handbook of Industrial Water Conditioning , 9th Edition
  146. Switch FCCU from Partiall Burn to Fulll Burn
  147. Refinery Engineering - Ai-Fu Chang
  148. Thin Film Evaporation
  149. Plant Design
  150. Refinery Engineering
  151. Any hydrogen detectors for hydrogen leakage detection in the refineries?
  152. Knowledge Sharing: Hysys Simulation File For Mdea Gas Sweetening Process
  153. In-line ammonia analysers
  154. Optimal Inlet Temperature
  155. Petroleum Engineering Handbook, Vol. 1,2 & 3
  156. piping design manual ,piping layout
  157. Modular refinery information required
  158. Design procedure of thermosyphon reboiler
  159. European standards for piping & instrumentation
  160. please help !!!
  161. Old Strees Techniques
  162. Api 650 rp
  163. ERTC or ARTC
  164. KOH treater
  165. Does anyone have petroleum refinery ebook by nelson.
  166. Need your help!
  167. Api tr 938 b
  168. P&ID's for Refinery Process Units
  169. bioreactors books
  170. Loss of vaccum when a pump fails
  171. Peak Detection Algorithm
  172. Looking for PDMS 12.1
  174. How to Design Thermosiphon Reboiler
  175. Request: CBI storage tank erection
  176. Ask book Practical energy efficiency optimization!
  177. Refinery Economics - Robert E Maples Book
  178. Sulfur Trap Design
  179. Bitumen Unit
  180. Heat exchangers
  181. API 685 - Canned motor Pumps and Magnetic Seal less Pumps
  182. HF Alkylation-Need Help -Book's
  183. How to eliminate H2S from crude oil
  184. Share PIMS training material
  185. Request API Std 2000 latest edition
  186. Refinery Engineering: Integrated Process Modeling and Optim
  187. Refinery Engineering: Integrated Process Modeling and Optim
  188. Share the system to manage PIPE inspection with drawing image.
  189. How to install Aspen Plus
  190. TGM for Petroleum Refineries
  191. Api mpms
  192. Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language - Book Needed
  193. petroleum processing handbook
  194. how do we get petroleum jelly?
  195. Need Steam Coil Information/ xls
  196. Mineral oil as a byproduct of fractional distillation
  197. Request:Modeling of Processes and Reactors for Upgrading of Heavy Petroleum
  198. Piping in oil and gas
  199. search a book "Ludwig's Applied Process Deisgn for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants"
  200. Refinery Engineering - Integrated Process Modeling and Optimization - A-F. Chang
  201. Request Book
  202. Need Introduction to oil company Financial analysis
  203. Hydrocarbon Processing Refining Processes Handbook
  204. Petroleum refinery engineering
  205. High Tan Crude Processing
  206. Refining of Wax in GTL Process
  207. Man Hour / calculation
  208. fluor daniel process design manual
  209. Piping Shop Fabrication Specification
  210. Visbreking
  211. 3 Phase V-L spearator Vertical or Horizontal
  212. request book "Process Plant Equipment: Operation, Control, and Reliability"
  213. How calculate volume of material in vessel?
  214. gost standard for refinerry
  215. Heuristics in Chemical Engineering
  216. Planning and Integration of Refinery and Petrochemical Operation
  217. Packed Towers In Processing and Environmental Technology
  218. Any good books or resources about Petroleum Refining Finance or economic
  219. API 571 request
  220. PolyNaphtha unit
  221. several Chem Eng Magazines June 2013
  222. Amine basic practices guidelines
  223. Industrial Burners Handbook
  224. PSA animation
  225. Crude Assay
  226. English for the Oil Industry
  227. Calculate ----- Gas Generation In Vacuum Furnace
  228. Minimum Distance Between Feed Nozzle and Tray Downcomer
  229. Oil and gas Accessories.
  230. Unfired pressure vessels: The ASME code simplified
  231. fluidization engineering needed
  232. Fluid Catalytic -----ing (FCC) Hand Book
  233. E3D compactibily with windows 8
  234. Where can I download crude oil assays?
  235. Hazardous area classification
  236. Crude tank mixing
  237. iwcf well control manual
  238. Separation of azeotropic mixtures by batch distillation using an entrainer
  239. Stabilizer column sump height and preferential baffle height design guidelines
  240. Process Design Guidlines
  241. API 620 Low Pressure storage tanks
  242. resi upgrading
  243. Handbook of Storage Tank Systems: Codes: Regulations, and Designs
  244. Artilcle "crude oil blending effects on asphaltene stability in refinery fouling"
  245. UniSim Design Suite R410 Needed
  246. Lng
  247. UOP penex/ DIH process
  248. Manual on Disposal of Refinery Wastes, Volume on Liquid Wastes
  249. Process Engineer
  250. Spreadsheets for process calculations