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  1. Tide Dominated Delta
  2. When Core data is not availiable!
  3. The book " Modern reservoir flow and well transient analysis" is needed
  4. Relative permeability by JBN method
  5. BHP calculations using wellhead pressures
  6. Geological Fluid Dynamics: Sub-surface Flow & Reactions
  7. Essentials of Reservoir Engineering - Donnez
  8. Need Paper
  9. Challanging Question for all Reservoir Engineer
  10. Need 2 SPE Paper
  11. Petrophysics Course Manual
  12. Reservoir Modeling in Shale-Gas Reservoirs
  13. Relative permeability for gas condensate fields
  14. Aquifer Strength and initial reservoir pressure
  15. Modelling wells in reservoir simulation
  16. Dpmeter papers needed
  17. Excel Spread sheet Kr & Pc Normalization and averaging
  18. Spe 7197-pa
  19. SPE Paper Request Please
  20. History matching techniques
  21. need help about these questions
  22. Pore Volume Comparaison Petrel & Eclipse
  23. Five Paper from Onepetro.org: Please today!
  24. Reserve
  25. Help needed for Final year project
  26. Estimation of flow rate
  27. Reservoir Engineer
  28. Regarding Eclipse PVTi
  29. CMG PVT table
  30. Factors affecting well performance using Gas Lift Techniques
  31. Automatic Workover Eclipse option
  32. Numerical Vs. Analytical Aquifer
  33. Reservoir Engineering note
  34. Ipm 7.5?
  35. Help with Seismic Data and Well Correlations
  36. GoCad & Skua
  37. Gas Lift Design
  38. SCAL Question?
  39. Petrel, Velocity Model and depth correction of horizon
  40. Mineral effect on logs
  41. please help guys by this probleeeeeeeeeem
  42. Help Needed DST in tight gas reservoir
  43. please help with corner point grid
  44. Question of Reservoir volume calculation
  45. Tubing pressure higher than casing one
  46. Simulation of Cyclic Steam Stimulation Process
  47. Gas Condensate PVT data
  48. Coupled Reservoir-Geomechanics Simulation in Visage
  49. June 2012: SPE Paper Request: 2 Item
  50. Marginal gor definition and its role in decline analysis
  51. eclipse convergence problem
  52. SPE Papers Request
  53. Nmr
  54. Wood Mackenzie Asset analysis
  55. Permeability Calculation
  56. Oil and Gas Production forecast
  57. Hydrocarbon
  58. pvt correlations for gas
  59. Crain Petrophysics Pocket Pal
  60. Klinkenberg and stress correction of Permeability
  61. Urgent help
  62. Field Data
  63. Please try to share this book
  64. Book Request -Production Logging: Theoretical and Interpretive Elements
  65. ryder scott passwords for SOS and RS freewares
  66. Help: Surface tensions paper
  67. Stanford Geothermal program --> Well test papers, PhD thesis etc
  68. Decline curve analysis
  69. need book: Geostatistical Simulation: Models and Algorithms
  70. www.oildata.blogspot.com
  71. Information regarding reservoir simulator software
  72. pressure gradient
  73. recovery factor? please help..........
  74. Problem Running ECLIPSE from PETREL
  75. developing saturation height function
  76. looking for Landmark Aries software?
  77. No aCTIVE cELL !!
  78. Book Request: Enhanced Oil Recovery: Field Planning and Development Strategies
  79. Naturally Fractured REservoirs
  80. Poisson's ratio and Young's modulus calculation !!
  81. K.S. Pedersen - Properties of Oils and Natural Gases (Book)
  82. Help on well test 'synthetic' data_Numerical simulation
  83. Need help on PVTSim - Asphaltene Section
  84. PPD plot in pansystem
  85. PVTSim 19.2 Depth Gradient Export to Eclipse
  86. help with flogrid
  87. Modeling CO2 Injection in Fractured Reservoirs - Alavian
  88. BEICIP-Franlab Software
  89. Dry Shale Density
  90. Problem with Eclipse100
  91. Reservoir Pressure Calculation
  92. I need this book- Coalbed Methane: Principles and Practice by R. E. Rogers
  93. HELP WITH CMG/Tutorials! (Senior Petroleum Engineering Student)
  94. 2012 SPE International Oilfield Nanotechnology Conference
  95. Simulation model initialization & Oil in place
  96. Frontiers in Geofluids Ebook
  97. Scal validation
  98. SPE-160847-Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Nanoparticles
  99. Petroleum Engineering Handbook for the Practicing Engineer by M. A. Mian
  100. DST report sample
  101. How to choose the best location of new development well in the model?
  102. well shut due to hydraulic intersection
  103. UKCS Petroleum Fiscal Model in Excel
  104. Eclipse Graf Free Analog
  105. Urgent Help on Eclipse needed please
  106. how to decide optimum production rate in a certain well after VFP modeling?
  107. Waterflooding: Where to put my injection wells?
  108. Create Schedule from Petrel Model
  109. question?
  110. Satration height constants
  111. Reservoir and Production Fundamentals - Schlumberger 1980
  112. Sensitivity Issue
  113. Open-hole Log analysis and Formation Evaluation by Richard M. Bateman
  114. Importing Surfer grid file to Eclipse
  115. Water Injectivity Decline
  116. Relative Permeability Curves !!
  117. Gor
  118. Polymer-improved oil recovery 1 edition By K. S. Sorbie
  119. Heavy Oil Recovery Edited by: Anil Ambastha
  120. Applications Of Nanoparticles for EOR
  121. Need two SPE papers urgently about well productivity calculation: spe29121, spe29932
  122. Spe 14401-pa
  123. Well test data
  124. AVO processing
  125. Darcy's Equation ? relative permeability curve ?
  126. Pvt
  127. Basic Well Log Analysis, 2nd Edition by Daniel Krygowski (Author), George B. Asquith
  128. Acidisation in Fracture Granite Basement
  129. Need urgently about effeacts of Wetabillity on Pc
  130. M. A. Mian Books - Petroleum Engineering Handbook - project economics
  131. Tell me about a major problem you recently handled. Were you successful in resolving
  132. Nexus Tutorial
  133. Defining bubble-point pressure
  134. Expected Well performance... Please HELP
  135. Explanation of reservoir related term
  136. Improving production through well control
  137. Oil well location
  138. Got confused with the skin factor
  139. Book
  140. FMT (formation monitoring tool)
  141. Water Flow Log : Introduction
  142. Help on article - thermodynamic correlation
  143. Need help in Eclipse
  144. Need help in KAPPA plot interpretation
  145. dual depletion reservoir.
  146. High skin damage? when high is just too high?
  147. petrel
  148. REQUEST:Water coning
  149. cased hole logging (REQUEST)
  150. Quick question
  151. Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy
  152. LGR eclipse error
  153. Flow in Porouse Medium ( RESERVOIR)
  154. multiflash
  155. Questions - plz help .
  156. Maps
  157. well spacing
  158. Book request: Cole (1969) Reservoir Engineering Manual
  159. Please help in simulation model
  160. Water Injection Oprtimization
  161. Pressure in the simulation model
  162. Dispersion Diagram/Chart
  163. Any friends have this book?Thermodynamic Models: Fundamentals and Computational..
  164. voidage factor calculation for water injection optimization
  165. Help!!!!! Petrel
  166. Reservoir Static Pressure match
  167. acid wash
  168. Eclipse Helpe please
  169. Basic Flow Relations in Reservoirs
  170. Empirical forms of Relative Permeability
  171. Gas Condensate Reservoir Analysis
  172. Empirical method of oil recovery using the API equation
  173. Material Balance Equations (short version)
  174. Gas Material Balances and Straight Line Methods
  175. Unsteady State Aquifer Representations
  176. Traditional Decline Curve Analysis
  177. Well Inflow Analyses
  178. Waterflood Prediction and Monitoring
  179. Evaluation of Exploration Prospects
  180. Merry Christmas
  181. Book Required
  182. Eclipse
  183. ECLIPSE simulation
  184. making schedule file using Excel
  185. Qc of static model...please helpe
  186. Derivative smoothing,paper request
  187. Looking for Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wellbores
  188. diffusion Coeffient a 1-D
  189. Ipm
  190. Building model in Petrel using 2D Map
  191. Use of relative permeability hysteresis
  192. Frequently Asked Questions in Well Test Analysis,paper request
  193. PVT Recombination Procedure
  194. Request: Seismic Book
  195. Help: computer simulation for co2 injection wells using vfpi
  196. well test design "beginner"
  197. Thesis in Petroleum Engineering
  198. 5th Global Heavy Oil Management Interactive Workshop for 2013
  199. Prssure Derivative For Drawdown Test
  200. wthp keyword in eclipse
  201. DST simulation in Eclipse
  202. "well test analysisthe use of advanced interpretation models"
  203. Need Help: Regoins in PETREL
  204. Oil and Gas Exploration Book
  205. What is the best method for horizontal well and has redistribution phase in PBU test?
  206. Enhanced Recovery Methods for Heavy Oil and Tar Sands;by James Speight
  207. help (simulation by CMG)
  208. ----- for Eclipse 2010
  209. Senior Reservoir Engineers - Perth W.A.
  210. material balance iin fractured reservoirs
  211. Web-based & Excel Tools To Calculate Gas Properties
  212. Horizontal well fractures.....
  213. Request: Petrel Training Manuals
  214. WELPRI kayword in eclipse
  215. Wbhp is equal to zero when well was schedual to shut?
  216. Help to find book solution manual
  217. Gas field Devlopment plan
  218. Core analysis
  219. Klinenberg perm.
  220. CMG reservoir simulator
  221. HVAC to reservoir engineering
  222. CSG Simulator Comet3
  223. Porperm relation
  224. Help with Numerical evaluation of Diffusivity equation
  225. Hello My Dear Friend- i need your help
  226. how to calibrate the dynamic model with DST results
  227. productivity index of existing wells?
  228. Anyone with experience in water control? (rpm and gels)
  229. [Urgent] A Straight Line IPR Gas Curve Using CMG
  230. Urgent. Diffusivity equation in spherical coordinates
  231. Reserve Estimation-Monte Carlo Simulation
  232. steam injection
  233. Drainage Radius Estimation
  234. Heriot-Watt University - Reservoir Simulation
  235. Petrophysics
  236. Urgently need these papers.Who can help?
  237. Mbal
  238. Bti=Boi Why?
  239. U-shaped wells
  240. Distance between the two conductors in offshore fixed platform
  241. Distance between the two conductors in offshore fixed platform
  242. Heating effect in conditions when bottom hole flowing pressure is below bubble point
  243. Interesting in temperature log literature
  244. Reservoir simulation little help
  245. [Need Help] Least Distance to Sealing Fault
  246. Need this Book Urgently
  247. help with shale oil please¡¡¡
  248. openhole log book
  249. Aquathermolysis
  250. diffusivity equation for 2 phase flow (oil+gas)