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  1. Petrel property modeling course
  2. Using Surfer 8 to estimate OOIP
  3. To Display Average Property in Petrel
  4. Average Reservoir Pressure in a Material Balance
  5. help fr summer intern
  6. help fr summer intern
  7. Static pressure gradient in gas-condensate well
  8. Well-Test Analysis in Multilateral Wells
  9. api recovery factor correlation
  10. Saturation height function
  11. Relative permeability normalization of special core analysis result
  12. Why do big and small cells show problems in reservoir simulation?
  13. Request of Hydraulic fracturing procedure
  14. need SPE paper
  15. Use of Permeabilty in Simulation Model
  16. PVT analysis and EOS
  17. please am in need of SAND software...(measure critical sloth of sand width)
  18. Please send API 3.1B Standard Practice for Level Measurement of Liquid Hydrocarbons
  19. Advanced Reservoir Engineering by Tarek Ahmad
  20. video lectures
  21. calculation procedure for exponent of capillary pressure curve from laboratory data
  22. Campbell Plot
  23. Question about production profiles
  24. SPE papers
  25. Fault permeability prediction (QUESTIONS)
  26. Imbibition curves
  27. Horizontal vs vertical wells
  28. SPE Paper 103137-MS
  29. Well test
  30. EOR by Don W Green solved problems
  31. Pressure Transient Analysis: Very High Dietz Shape Factor
  32. Need these books
  33. Drainage radius
  34. Capillary Pressure
  35. Reservoir modeling software comparison--need ur inputs
  36. Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Practice --book request--
  37. Infinite Aquifer in Eclipse model
  38. Reservoir height's effect on production in horizontal well
  39. Multi Lateral Wells in Eclipse
  40. WBHP not equal to WBP when a well is shut in in Eclipse
  41. help needed by reservoir expert
  42. Modern Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery by James Sheng
  43. 2001 SPE 10th Comparative Solution Project -compare upgridding and upscaling approach
  44. Prediction of thermal conductivity in reservoir rocks using fabric theory
  45. Voroni Polygons in Moving Domain Analysis
  46. negative OIIP result from MBE
  47. How to Generate Relative Permeability Curve Data
  48. Predicting Productivity of Multifractured Horizontal Wells
  49. Beicip Franlap ATHOS PumaFlow Info
  50. Time delay step in Eclipse
  51. Difference b/w phase and component in simulation
  52. DIctionary
  53. IMPES Derivation Request
  54. Reservoir Simulation Software for Surfactant Flooding
  55. Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Flooding..!!
  56. Extractor Tool for ECLIPSE Ouptput Files
  57. CO2 Injection into Gas Reservoir with E100 (Black-Oil)
  58. SPE 10 CSP DATA file Required- Interaction with ECL Data library
  59. Kr data input in ECLIPSE and discussion about oi/wat and gas/oil kr.
  60. Groundwater modelling in fractures is required urgently
  61. Advanced Eclipse Simulation Help
  62. EOR Worksheet
  63. Need book
  64. Porous Flow Material
  65. Relative permeability tables & Endpoint Scaling
  66. Sofware for .LAS files
  67. Streamline simulation and Assisted history matching
  68. Need help with Quantification and evaluation of crude oil reserves!
  69. EnABLE software and documentation.
  70. Material Balance
  71. Making Good Decisions - SPE Book Request
  72. Cmg
  73. Isochronal gas well test program
  74. well placement
  75. water injection well positioning and reservoir simulation
  76. Statistics for Petroleum Engineers and GeoScientists
  77. Water moving at its connate saturation value
  78. Transition from History Matching to Prediction
  79. Well Problem
  80. Seismic
  81. SPE Paper Request Please Help
  82. Pipesim export to eclipse
  83. New Book From Khaled Ahmed on PVT
  84. Volumetric and Phase Behavior of Oil Field Hydrocarbon Systems
  85. Specific regions to simulate
  86. how to change relative permeability curve to match production ratios?
  87. SPE Comparitive Study using this model - PUNQ S3
  88. Tuning EOS parameters
  89. I need some help
  90. Tight reservoir need help for production
  91. Papers (Post all paper requests here)
  92. steam assisted gravity drainage
  93. gravity drainage
  94. Injectors wells backflow though CTU
  95. applied petroleum reservoir engineering , craft , second edition
  96. skin components
  97. PVTSIM tutorials
  98. For setting Reservoir simulation Input data,
  99. Reservoir Simulation PVT data---Density vs Pressure?
  100. Determination of transient drainage across lease boundaries
  101. Different pressure drops across 2 reservoirs
  102. Amaril RE-Studio
  103. how to prepare a standard databse in excell for analysing daily oil production
  104. How to simulate stress dependent permeability in CMG
  105. Relative Permeability Curves MBAL IPM
  106. petrophysics
  107. Need Paper for Rock type
  108. Institut Français Du Pétrole LIVRES
  109. Fundamentals of Formation Testing - Slb Book
  110. Petroleum projects economics.
  111. Pseusdo Pressures
  112. Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
  113. VFP Tables in Eclipse
  114. PLease help me
  115. [REQ] Petroleum Reservoir Simulations ebook
  116. Effect of increase in WC on bottom hole flowing pressure
  117. Request book "Pressure Transient Formation and Well Testing"
  118. Wyllie & Gardner - The generalized Kozeny-Carnman equation: looking for this paper
  119. Salinity
  120. DULLIEN - Porous media, fluid transport and pore structure
  121. Stimulation results prediction
  122. relative permeability curves - Modified Corey Brooks
  123. Surepvt
  124. Need ms thesis "Sand thickness estimation using spectral decomposition"
  125. Book Request (Developments in Petrophysics)
  126. Book: Propiedades de la roca y de los fluidos by Mirtha Bidner
  127. Some New Book on Reservoir Engineering
  128. pressure buildup
  129. Exploration Well - What information is gathered?
  130. Well test in naturally fractured reservoirs
  131. P/V
  132. Eclipse Model Calibtaion: How to do it?
  133. Reservoir fluid sampling
  134. Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Management
  135. Conventional Decline Analysis - New materials
  136. Reservoir Tops
  137. Error in Eclipse - How to resolve - Help needed
  138. US units vs metric units
  139. Question about "Recovery factor of Associated gas"
  140. Geostatistics please
  141. Drill Steam Test - how is this performed?
  142. Isobar map
  143. Water compatibility
  144. Joule-Thompson coefficient calculation
  145. Average reservoir pressure calculation
  146. water production issue in dry gas reservoir
  147. Water control diagonostic plots for gas wells
  148. Request Ebook: Applied Reservoir Engineering
  149. Is it possible for an undersaturated oil reservoir to have a huge gas cap?
  150. how to calculate derivative of WGR as shown in Chan's Water control diagnostic plots.
  151. PVT Sim software-required
  152. method of calculating rise in oil-water contact by material balance equation
  153. Petrel export files
  154. Water control diagnosis in Horizontal oil wells
  155. Volume calculation
  156. openserver license
  157. Reservoir Monitoring Plots
  158. Fluid properties Calculation
  159. paper request
  160. Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology 2nd edition by John M. hunt
  161. Esimating production profile for untested fields .. when you know only some basic par
  162. Roberto Aguilera - Naturally Fractured Reservoir
  163. History matching and conditioning geologic model to production data
  164. petral data loading
  165. “Guidelines Simplify Well Test Interpretation,”
  166. how to calculate Pseudo time and Pseudo production.
  167. Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Practice
  168. share -Decisions Involving Uncertainty : An @RISK Tutorial for the Petroleum Industry
  169. pvt
  170. How to Quality Check a Static Model
  171. Using Condensate LPG data into Mbal
  172. FrontSim question
  173. Fault analysis
  174. Infinite Acting Radial flow in Coventional Decline Curve Analysis (DCA)
  175. The way reservoir properties (VShale, Poro, Perm, Swi) are deducted from logs only
  176. drainage area and well spacing
  177. D.r.i.l.l s.t.e.m t.e.s.t
  178. Proposing Development Locations
  179. please advice ? Eclipse modeling update
  180. Relative Permeability Concept
  181. Choke size while coiled tube lifting a well with nitrogen
  182. Weak Aquifer - ECLIPSE
  183. Need a book
  184. Gas flowrate reduction in sand producing gas well..
  185. Basic applied reservoir engineering manual urgently needed
  186. Working Guide to Reservoir Rock Properties and Fluid Flow
  187. Books requiered
  188. Book: Thermal Recovery of Oil and Bitumen, Roger Butler (1997)
  189. Lake EOR Book Request March 2011.
  190. Urgent !!! I"m looking for oil & gas softwares
  191. HELP Needed urgently plzzzz....SAGD
  192. SAGD Data Files for CMG STARS needed.
  193. Water cut delay
  194. CGM – Craig-Geffen-Morse Analytical Waterflood Method
  195. Ask: GOCAD/SKUA/PETREL grid to TOUGH2
  196. Can I calculate Dew point for a condensate field if I know composition?
  197. how to generate surfaces using only log data in petral.
  198. about SOWCR in eclipse
  199. Can you produce water from initial water saturation?
  200. ECLIPSE feature : WELOPEN
  201. Phases re-distribution during build up test.
  202. petroleum softwares
  203. Ul 2085
  204. Jacob Bear books
  205. Thermal Reservoir Simulation
  206. I need 3 logging Papers. Please help me :)
  207. Models needed
  208. Can I estimate initial condensate rate if I know gas composition?
  209. CMG IMEX "SWEPAR" Error
  210. Uncertainty configuration
  211. carbonate reservoir-simulation model
  212. Petrel_manual
  213. facing problem in petral
  214. Creating saturation functions from well logs in Petrel
  215. Question about Tank v2.55
  216. Eclipse-100 and Frontsim
  217. Vertical Lift Curves (VLP/VFP) for Prosper
  218. Need help!!!!!!!!
  219. Static bottom hole pressure
  220. Requesting .grf output file in Eclipse 100
  221. Inhouse development
  222. data file conversion
  223. model horizantal well in Prosper
  224. Method of fundamental solution - discuss
  225. Oil-Water interfacial tesnion in CMG
  226. MBal for Ret. condensate - I've got negative values for Vaporised CGR
  227. book: Seismic Reservoir Characterization: An Earth Modelling Perspective; P., Doyen
  228. Interpret Courses
  229. Extracting sector from FF model using Petrel
  230. PVTi Phase plots
  231. need help with Log correlation, please!
  232. Estimation and Classification of Reserves of Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Condensate.
  233. Production History in Petrel
  234. Help to get a SPE PAPER
  235. Capillary pressure in fracture porous media
  236. Ecrin 4.1 or latest
  237. Derivative Plots-well Testing
  238. Problem with FORGAS
  239. Dual porosity model equation
  240. FMI depth shift
  241. WAG ratio for mobility control ina HC miscible gas flood???
  242. SpE pApEr MoSt WaNtEd
  243. Well total mole fraction in component nn
  244. SATNUM, relative permeabilities other properties for each facies
  245. Software
  246. Spane method -well test
  247. J-Functions What it is and how it is used
  248. Jpt
  249. Fatal error with ECLIPSE E300 CO2STORAGE
  250. Need Wettability BOOK (Donaldson)