This two-volume set of books encompasses well production operations from the time the first potential oil or gas horizon is penetrated until the well is abandoned. Primary focus is on well completions* workovers* and stimulation* which are key and critical to producing operations. This fifth edition update adds many current industry advances and processes.
Contents* Volume 1:

  • Production geology
  • Reservoir engineering and well testing
  • Well completion design & equipment
  • Tubing strings* packers* subsurface control equipment
  • Primary & remedial cementing
  • Perforating oil & gas wells
  • Completion rigs* snubbing units* and coiled tubing
  • Completion & workover fluids
  • Problem well optimization using system analysis methods & artificial lift
  • Symbols and abbreviations
  • English/Metric conversion factors

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Contents* Volume 2:

  • Production logging measurement & analysis
  • Formation damage
  • Oilfield surfactants
  • Scale deposition* removal* prevention* and produced water handling
  • Paraffins and asphaltenes
  • Oilfield corrosion
  • Matrix acidizing
  • Sand control
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Symbols and abbreviations
  • English/Metric conversion factors
  • Index