Operator's Guide to General Purpose Steam Turbines: An Overview of Operating Principles* Construction* Best Practices* and Troubleshooting

When installed and operated properly* general purpose steam turbines are reliable and tend to be forgotten* i.e.* out of sound and out of mind. But* they can be sleeping giants that can result in major headaches if ignored. Three real steam turbine undesirable consequences that immediately come to mind are:
  • Injury and secondary damage due to an overspeed failure. An overspeed failure on a big steam or gas turbine is one of the most frightening of industrial accidents.
  • The high cost of an extensive overhaul due to an undetected component failure. A major steam turbine repair can cost ten or more times that of a garden variety centrifugal pump repair.
  • Costly production loses due an extended outage if the driven pump or compressor train is unspared. The value of lost production can quickly exceed repair costs.

A major goal of this book is to provide readers with detailed operating procedure aimed at reducing these risks to minimal levels. Start-ups are complicated by the fact that operators must deal with numerous start-up scenarios* such as:
  • Commissioning a newly installed steam turbine
  • Starting ups after a major steam turbine repair
  • Starting up a proven steam turbine after an outage
  • Overspeed trip testing

It is not enough to simply have a set of procedures in the control room for reference. To be effective* operating procedures must be clearly written down* taught* and practiced—until they become habit.

Table of contents :
Content: Introduction to steam turbines --
General purpose back pressure steam turbine --
Routine steam turbine inspections --
Steam turbine speed controls and safety systems --
The importance of operating procedures --
Overspeed trip testing --
Centrifugal pump and centrifugal compressor start-ups with a steam turbine driver --
Centrifugal pump and centrifugal compressor shutdowns with a steam turbine driver --
Installation* commissioning and first solo run --
Reinstating steam turbine after maintenance --

Steam turbine reliability --
Introduction to field troubleshooting --
Steam turbine monitoring advice --
Beyond start-ups* shutdowns* and inspections.

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