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Thread: Sizing of relief valve for LPG bullet

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    Sizing of relief valve for LPG bullet

    Dear all*
    Please help me. I have an issue with basics.

    Problem follows:
    Make a spreadsheet for the sizing of relief valve for commercial LPG bullet (mainly propane) using API 520. Temperature of atmosphere where the bullet is kept (above ground) varies from 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F).
    Which procedure in API 520 should I use?
    >procedure for liquid OR
    >the procedure for vapor-liquid?

    As u know* in API 520* different procedures are given for - critical* sub-critical flow* liquid relief* sizing for two phase liquid or vapor etc. So I am confused:-(

    The LPG bullet would be filled 85% of their water capacity* the remaining space being taken up with vapor (as I read from some websites).

    (I already made the spreadsheet for various conditions given in API 520. But I need to choose which procedure to use specifically for LPG bullet )

    If I haven't given enough info to solve the problem* please let me know.

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    Re: Sizing of relief valve for LPG bullet

    This depends on the overpressure scenario's you have identified and quantified* for fire you would use the vapour sizing equations but for overfilling you would use the 2-phase equations.

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    Re: Sizing of relief valve for LPG bullet

    So* was this part of your job/work or you're doing it for school or for fun?

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