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multiphase flow papers (requist)

  1. Mohamed
    [COLOR=Black][B]multiphase flow papers (requist)

    I search for the following papers if any one can help

    1- An experimental study of two-phase flow in slightly inclined pipesI. Flow patterns
    Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 44, Issue 3, 1989, Pages 665-679
    S.L. Kokal, J.F. Stanislav

    2- An experimental study of two-phase flow in slightly inclined pipesII. Liquid holdup and pressure drop
    Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 44, Issue 3, 1989, Pages 681-693
    S.L. Kokal, J.F Stanislav

    3- Intermittent gas-liquid flow in upward inclined pipes
    International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Volume 12, Issue 3, May-June 1986, Pages 325-335
    J.F. Stanislav, S. Kokal, M.K. Nicholson

  2. Mohamed
    4- Transient two- phase flow behavior inpipelines -experiment and modeling
    International Journal of MultiphaseFlow, Volume 20, Issue 4, September 1994, Pages 739-752
    K. Minami, O. Shoham

    5- Empirical equations to predic flow patterns in two-phase inclined flow
    International Journal of MultiphaseFlow , Volume 11, Issue 3, May-June 1985, Pages 299-315
    Hemanta Mukherjee, James P. Brill[/B][/COLOR]
  3. Mohamed
    [INDENT] [CENTER][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=5][COLOR=Blue][B]if any one can help by this paper

    [LIST=1][*][FONT=&quot]Lockhart, R. W. and Martinelli, R. C.: "Proposed Correlation of Data for Isothermal Two-Phase, Two-Component Flow in Pipes," Chem. Eng. Prog. (Jan. 1949) 45, 39[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot]Baker, 0.: "Design of Pipelines for the Simultaneous Flow of Oil and Gas," Oil and Gas J. (1954) 53, 185.[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot] Duns, H., Jr. and Ros, N. C. J. : "Vertical Flow of Gas and Liquid Mixtures in Wells," Proc., 6th World Pet. Congress (1963), 451. [/FONT][*][FONT=&quot]e Flow in Gas-Transmission Pipelines", ASME paper 76-Pet-25, presented at Pet. Div. ASME meeting, Mexico City, Sept. 1976. [/FONT][*][FONT=&quot]Mukherjee, H. and Brill, J. P.: "Liquid Holdup Correlations for Inclined Two-Phase Flow," JPT (May 1983) 1003-1008.[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot] Dukler, E. A., et al.: "Gas-Liquid Flow in Pipelines, I. Research Results," AGA-API Project NX-28 (May 1969).[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot]Flanigan, 0.: "Effect of Uphill Flow on Pressure Drop in Design of Two-Phase Gathering Systems," Oil and Gas J. (March 10, 1958) 56, 132.[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot] Zabaras, G. J., "A New Vertical TwoPhase Gas Liquid Flow Model for Predicting Pressure Profiles in Gas Lift Wells," Parts I & II, Shell Development Company TPR WRC 13387 & 22387, 1987.[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot] Zabaras, G. J., "Enhancements to SOC's Production Engineering Programs," Shell Development Company TPR BRC 5892, 1992.[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot] Fong, , "A Multiphase Flow Computer Program for Predicting Pressure Profiles in Gas/Condensate Wells," Shell Development Company TPR WRC 8189, 1989.[/FONT][*][FONT=&quot] Taitel, Y. and Dukler, A. E.: "A Model for Predicting Flow Regime Transitions in Horizontal and Near Horizontal Gas-Liquid Flow", AIChE Jour. (Vol. 22, No. 1) January 1976, 47-55.[/FONT][/LIST]
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