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  1. Better Business Bureau warns homeowners to be wary of springtime scams

    They say April showers bring May flowers, but the onset of spring brings other things too. Unfortunately, one of those things is scam artists. For one reason or another they tend to come out in full force just as the winter season comes to an end. Among the door-to-door scammers that come knocking, some will be offering roofing services. The Better Business Bureau calls these scammers ďstorm chasersĒ because they tend to come in the wake of nasty weather. While these scams vary, they usually have a few things in common. They ask for payment up front (usually in cash), they either do a very poor job or they do no work at all, and finally they skip town before the police can catch up with them. The Better Business Bureau has offered the following tips to protect yourself from being taken in by a roofing scam.

    ∑ Ask to see their roofing license. Almost all communities require roofers to have a license to work in that community. Donít agree to any work if the roofer canít supply a license.

    ∑ Get at least three quotes. Thereís no way to know if the price youíre being charged is fair unless you have other bids for the same job. Donít go with a roofing company just because theyíre the one already on your doorstep.

    ∑ Donít pay in advance. Reputable roofing companies can afford to pay for roofing materials up front. They collect their payment when the job is done. Storm chasers demand payment up front because they have no intention of finishing the work.

    ∑ Watch out for high pressure sales tactics. Reputable roofers make a bid and will honor that price even if you take a week or two to decide. Storm chasers use high pressure sales tactics like saying you have to agree to the work on the spot to lock in a certain price for the work.

    ∑ Check with the Better Business Bureau. Ask for a company name, then look up that name on the Better Business Bureau website. If there ...
  2. Corrosion in the Petrochemical Industry. By : Linda Garverick

    This file no longer available on the site.Please re upload this file.
  3. Urgently need subpump software

    Can someone please share sub pump software as I need urgently to fifnish my project
  4. Cars to Buy Before They Are Gone

    With each new year comes a new collection of beautiful vehicles from all the top car brands, ultimately driving up sales at auto retailers as well as car insurance agencies. Consumers cannot wait to get their hands on the newest vehicle technology, but with every new collection we say goodbye to the older models, and sometimes those goodbyes are bittersweet depending on which models are discontinued.

    Latest car trends

    Insider Car News states that one of the biggest reasons certain car models are discontinued each year is because of the needs and demands of consumers. These needs are constantly changing, and it is up to car innovators to come up with a vehicle that addresses each of those needs. Sometimes the needs of years past are no longer relevant, especially when new technology is considered, so instead of remaking a collection it is just easier to start with a new one.

    Cars to be discontinued

    Popular cars said to be discontinued in the coming years are the Dodge Grand Caravan, Acura TL, Chevrolet SS, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Nissan Cube. The models are only a few of a much **larger list. Consumers definitely have their favorite vehicle types, so saying goodbye to these models might hurt business if car companies cannot deliver bigger and better models that help us forget the past.

    Auto News brought to you by

  5. sap business one 9.1

    hello all,

    please any one shared a sap business one 9.1.

  6. Astm f 2786-10

    Dear friends:
    Please I'm looking for ASTM F 2786-10 "Standard Practice for Field Leak Testing of Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Piping Systems Using Gaseous Media Under Pressure (Pneumatic Leak Testing)", could you share this information if you have it.
    Best regards.
  7. Ige/td/12

    Someboby could post the files for IGE/TD/12 again? I'm looking now for these std. Thanks!
  8. Reinforcement Calculation for Nozzles on flat plates for an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

    Quote Originally Posted by Thaksen79 View Post
    Dear Members,

    I would like to know what are the acceptable ways to perform reinforcement calculation on a flat plate for an ASME Sec VIII Div-1 stamp Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. The nozzles sizes are 4" and 8". The flat plate thickness shall be min 10mm.

    Consider the case of Designing an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. The design parameters are as follows,
    Shell side
    Design Press Int/ext=1.03/FV barg
    Design Temp Int/ext=150/150 deg Celsius
    MDMT= -5
    Corrosion Allow = 0mm

    Tube side
    Design Press Int/ext=0.6/FV barg
    Design Temp Int/ext=90/150 deg Celsius
    MDMT= -5
    Corrosion Allow = 0mm

    The Nozzle sizes approx 4" Outlet and 8" Inlet which are welded to flat plates.

    For more details of the exchanger construction please visit the below link
  9. OLGA 7.3 Training Manual

    Can anyone send OLGA 7.3 training manual to me pls?


  10. shell internal manuals

    Quote Originally Posted by brom View Post
    can anybody share shell expro internal training manuals for mechanical electrical or instrument ?
    I am also interested..thanks for sharing
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