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  1. help please

    I ask if anyone have any petrophysics software with ...... or any software to interpretation well logging data with ...... to use it in my PhD studies.
    please helpe me because I need it very necessary.
  2. step by step methods for wrc 107 and wrc 297 for pressure vessel excel sheet

    please any one help to hoe to calculated WRC 107 & 297 for pressure vessel nozzle...

    (hand calculation)..

    please any one help to provide excel sheet for calculation to WRC.....

    thanks in adv...
  3. PDS11 serial key required

    Dear all

    I required serial key for PDS11
    please if anyone have kindly share with me

  4. I need the latest API 5A and 5B tables Excel software

    Any one have the API 5A and 5B Tables, Excel sheet. Thank you for help me. Actually I Have the 1995 versión tables but those are obsolete.
  5. Compare Blind flange thickness according to ASME B16.5 and ASME VIII Part UG34

    Dear friend,

    I want to fabricate a blind flange for hydrostatic testing from plate material (ASTM A36) so i use ASME VIII Div I Part UG34 to calculate the thickness of flange. But it is different in comparison with ASME B16.5 thickness.

    I wonder i can fabricate blind flange with thickness calculated as per ASME VIII part UG34 or thickness as per ASME B16.5?

    Thanks for your advice.

    Phung Ha Long
    Mechanical Engineer.
  6. JGC Design Practices for Distillation

    Quote Originally Posted by mkhurram79 View Post

    I am in need of JGC Design practices for Distillation column design. Would be thankful for sharing it.

    Best Regards


    ************************************************** **************************************************
  7. EN ISO 15614-1: 2012 (Request)

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please send it to my email

  8. G*edco

    Has any one V*ista plz share the link...thanx in advance
  9. Iso , en , bs

    [QUOTE=mohsenkalantar;263631]I Think EN , ISO , ... are not use full for other, so I stop sending these standards.[/QUOTE]
    Hi, man

    I appreciate if I can collaborate with any of these rules

    • ISO 12473
    • EN 12496
    • EN 12954
    • EN 13509
    • EN 50162

    Thank you
  10. Five digital marketing mistakes

    It's impossible to say enough about the importance of digital marketing. It's more than just the next big thing. It's the biggest thing in marketing. According to one survey. Over half of marketing executives are planning to spend more than half their marketing budget on digital marketing. Every business should be investing at least some of their marketing budget on digital marketing. But before you jump into digital marketing, here are five common mistakes businesses make with digital marketing and how to avoid them.

    1. Diving head first. When it comes to digital marketing, one size doesn't fit all. Many business make the mistake of going all-in with digital marketing. It's important to first understand how your customers consume media. Starting out, it's normally best to take a balanced approach. Continue using traditional marketing channels and invest in some digital marketing channels as well. As you see which channels are most effective at reaching your target audience you can then choose how to balance your budget. You may eventually spend a lot more on digital marketing than traditional marketing but it's best if you don't jump into it right away
    2. Information overload. A huge advantage with digital marketing is that it makes it very easy for businesses to collect data. While it is important to collect data to base future marketing decisions off of, some businesses make the mistake of collecting any and all data they can get their hands on without any plans for how to use it. This leads to information overload. A better approach is to decide which data you need and how you will use it. With this focus, you can make the most of the data you're collecting
    3. Caught up in content. A popular digital marketing strategy is content marketing. It's easy though to get so caught up in content creation that you forget what else is important. Typically, the best approach is to hire someone else to take care of the content creation. This frees you to focus
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